Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Durovis Dive, HTC Vive, HOMIDO VR. I think it’s a fair bet that VR is not only here to stay, but the new VR ecosystem is one of the fastest growing technological innovations we have seen since phones went mobile. Less than 2 years since the initial excitement surrounding a small group of people first announced their fledgling kickstarted company was ready to deliver the first taste of good and affordable VR to enthusiastic developers the world over, and now here we are with seemingly everybody jumping on the chance to release the next best virtual reality head mounted display.
It’s a little confusing, sure; we’re not only dealing with some new peripheral or a fancy gimmick (as some still seem to erroneously think), we are dealing with something that holds the potential to revolutionize not only how we do our computing, but how we do media altogether. Porn, movies, television, music, remote presence, architecture and even our social lives (Facebook in VR is a given) all stand to receive a substantial (and exciting) face-lift, and it is all happening a lot faster than I think anybody expected.
Don't worry honey, of [i]course[/i] I'm all alone!
Don’t worry honey, of course I’m all alone!

So these are new waters still, we aren’t 100% certain what works and what doesn’t, at least when we are talking customer interest and what drives sales into the equation. It is notoriously difficult to market a product of which the end result can’t be shown to consumers, only demonstrated; but I can’t say I’m not a little curious to see how well a headset would do if it was marketed specifically with VR Porn in mind.
I mean, imagine an adult VR service like that which virtualrealporn.com provides, but on a mobile enabled headset such as Durovis Dive, with it’s own proprietary software allowing not only the user to consume vr porn quickly and efficiently, but enabling communication amongst devices as well. Is that a terrible idea? Would people bother with such a thing if, let’s say, a pair of headsets could interact with each other much in the same way two-way teledildonics devices like the lovepalz Hera and Zeuss, allowing two people to not only share pleasure across distances, but to see each other as well?While I think it will likely be a matter of years (and a substantial price drop on materials) still before we see companies becoming brave enough to delve into such uncertain territory and things might not play out exactly how I envision them, I’m definitely looking forwards to a future where we can not only talk with our partners in virtual person from opposite sides of the world, but have sex with them as well.
But hey, I’m just some hypersexual dude helping to run a VR porn site and it’s my job to think of these kinds of things (did I mention I love my job?). The real question is, what do you think?

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