Virtual Reality Girls – Soon You Won’t be Able to Tell the Difference

Some of the 3D rendering that is currently being done completely blows me away. Soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. I’ve attached some examples below. Wouldn’t you like to meet one of them in your virtual trip??? This one is absolutely amazing. virtual reality porn girl Here is a gallery of some other 3D babes. What do you guys think? As Oculus Rift becomes more popular more and more screenshots and images are starting to surface. I’ve included more images below for everyone:

7 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Girls – Soon You Won’t be Able to Tell the Difference

  1. Mike that girl wouldn’t even fuck you and your little dick in a virtual world. YEEE She’d want Big Ray’s 8.5 not little Mike and his 5 incher.

  2. i love the pic. cant wait until they start releasing actual content that look like that. 3dxchat, xstory and everything else. the graphics are absolutely terrible with renders like the above and the horse power that is available today i dont see why everything is still running in directx 9? it almost looks like directx 8

    i have a rift and the current content is all 3rd person i seriously don’t understand the 3rd person aspect

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