People have some imaginations that are way the fuck out there. That was best proven on a recent trip to Las Vegas last week. I was meeting up with some industry folk who had a lot to sell and A LOT of fucking crazy ideas and thoughts about VR, VR porn, VR compatible sex toys, you name it. All of it was a bit insane and a bit amazing. Anyhow, I know I’ll take some flack for posting about Max and Nora since it has been out forever but this is my first experience with it (well 2nd attempt but the first involved my carry on luggage and is now property of San Francisco International Airports baggage security team. But that’s another story  )….  This time around I made it to my destination and was ready for action. Well at least I ended up in Vegas with said toy.

Long distance relationship sex toys

Now I’d been working on my girlfriend for a couple weeks on testing out Max and Nora by Lovense. If you don’t know what Max and Nora are, check them out here.) Now for myself, I generally travel a couple days a month max and usually its 1-2 day trips so I’m not away from home and my girlfriend for that long. Regardless, I like the idea of being able to connect sexually while I’m away from home….. moving on, getting to Vegas, I had my hopes up that I had my girlfriend on board and was stoked to try the toy. But it was Vegas, it was work and I didn’t know if it would actually end up happening. Anyways 3rd day in, mid- afternoon, my girlfriend starts sending me texts and it becomes quite clear that it’s going down. (ie she’s been drinking)

Now first off, for those who don’t know, you download BodyApp, which allows you to connect to your toy and your partners. (Don’t do this when your revved up- plan ahead so its ready to go.) Once synced you can control your partners toy meaning you can control the speed and strength of vibrating arm/rotating beads on Nora, while your girlfriend can control the speed and air pump pressure on thee toy your using (Max). The best part is that the toys also can sync to each other so that they vibrate/rotate/pump based on how the two lovers are using the toys. Side note- one of the best parts about Lovense Max is the air pump feature which pulses/squeezes your member for a much more realistic feel. Now the BodyApp also allows for video chat which makes everything that much more intimate (from 2500 miles away). It’s not real sex, but it’s a lot of fun and it spices things up from long distance. We ended up having a great time and tons of fun with Max and Nora and even my girlfriend, the sceptic, is excited to do it again. It’s something different and it’s sexy! Now, thankfully I’m not on the road that frequently, but for those who are or for those who are in long-distance relationships, these toys are a great addition to stay connected and to spice things up.

Best male sex toy VR

For those of you who are single or with someone who isn’t interested in this type of experience, you can still use Max or Nora on their own. is Lovense compatible and it’s pretty awesome. Given the ability to connect to other toys, there are many other sites/webcam models that you can interact with.

In my opinion, the air-pump feature on ‘Max’ makes it a must have male sex toy for that feature alone. Add everything else and it’s definitely in the top 3 male sex toys.

As for Nora- my girlfriend says 4/5. It’s a great vibrator on it’s own but a bit noisy. The toy itself is great. Her words. Looking at other reviews, it seems like most woman have similar thoughts- love the toy and the experience is usually fun (sometimes the first go can take some getting used to—- plan ahead— so it’s ready to go).

Have you tried Max and Nora? Let us know your experience and your thoughts?

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