If you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out. This dude is demoing a VR sex simulation game and he can’t be stopped….

The best parts of this are a) he’s thrusting like a mad-man with no intention of slowing down b) he has a shit eating grin for the entire clip and c) the half torso doll is wearing a school girl skirt (why not?)…

So many things crossed my mind while watching this. If VR porn/sex fails (which it won’t) or takes too long to progress, there are definitely enough dudes out there who just want to fuck/thrust anything. Actually regardless of VR sex, just have some games were you can shoot machine guns and rocket launchers by thrusting a machine with a headset on and I bet 8/10 guys will give it a shot. Just pump hard for a high score and there are more than enough guys who will be into it.

I also thought damn that dude looks like he’s getting a decent workout in 5 minutes…..queue… ‘VR Sex Workout’ Cumming to all mainstream VR headsets in 2016. Who wouldn’t be sold on ‘10 minute VR sex abs’? Am I right? Will it be a bit awkward when your roommate or girlfriend walks in? It’s a small consideration for rock hard abs. There was Billy Blanks, then Tony Horton and Sean T and now comes…. Harry Slams 6 pack VR sex abs. Fuck ya. Just made someone rich with that. You’re welcum.

Anyways, this is old news now but good for a smile and a chuckle. Until next time….

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  1. I had to leave a comment about the video on YouTube. I can see the blow-up doll industry exploding big time with this. Every nerd will pull them out of their closets and say “laugh at me now, mofo!”

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