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3DX chat updates

I love that 3DX Chat comes out with updates all the time. For any of you who have read my other post about 3DX Chat, you know that I’m pretty high on this game. For those who haven’t, my excitement relating to this game is probably the highest for any of the adult games for the Oculus Rift that are currently on the radar. Here are a few of the latest clothing updates. The girl on the right is ridiculously sexy in that little black skirt.

3dx chat porn game Oculus Rift Porn








The one update that I can’t wait to see is for different make-up and facial looks. I know I’m being a bit picky, but I’m totally not into the crazy eye make up look like the girl on the left. Her body is great and her dress is so sexy, but her face, mainly her eyes and make up, make her look like a 12 year old did her make up and it’s not sexy to me.  Who wears crazy eyeshadow like that? That’s my critique for the graphics that have come out and yes, I know it’s minor. I love the game, all of the updates and think this game is amazing, but I really hope that change is made for guys like me who don’t dig that look. Virtual or not, that look doesn’t do it for me.

What do you want to see come from 3DX chat? What updates do you want to see? What do you really like about the game?

Don’t know much about it, let us answer your questions about our favorite Oculus Rift porn game, 3DX Chat.

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