Starbreeze Studios is among the many companies that utilized 2015 Immersed Conference that is currently underway in Toronto, Canada to showcase its product,the StarVR HMD. The conference is focused towards giving content makers, innovators VR professionals the resources and platform they require to expand their business in an Immersive world. The conference brings to together manufacturers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and media houses in a bid to foster the growth and absorption of virtual reality within North America and Canada.
What makes StarVR outstanding compared to the virtual reality HMD’s is its field of view. The StarVR offers a 210-degree field of view (FOV). This is the highest field of view among the products of its kind already launched into the market. HTC’s consumer Vive headset’s developer kit offers an 110-degree field of view. Oculus DK2 offers 100-degree FOV. Most of the virtual reality HMDs set to be launched next year have narrower FOV. The StarVR’s wide field of view is a result of the unique features of the headset. The headset has got two 1440p panels mounted beside each other at an angle. The screen on the panels are flat, but Star Studios have developed custom Fresnel lenses to make them appear to wrap around the users face. The lenses make the screens appear curved.

Despite having close to double the hardware found in other virtual reality HMD’s, the StarVR is quite light. Star studios through it representatives revealed that the final headset is expected to be lighter than the prototype. The straps are also quite different from those contained in the Oculus Rift and the HTC consumer Vive. Unlike the other straps that can easily get loose, the StarVR’s straps are mechanically adjustable strap. It also has a dial at the back to enable the user to tighten the mount. A few changes are expected in the final product, but the dial mechanism is expected to be retained.

The experience offered by this headset is exciting. The screen is close offering an impressive view. The peripheral vision of this gadget truly delivers. It offers a fully immersive experience. Starbreeze Studios are also developing a game, Walking Dead, which is expected go with the headset. The prototype features only the demo. In the demo, the player is required to be seated on a wheelchair since the protagonist is already injured at the start. A character pushes you along through what seems like halls after which you are handed a shotgun both in real life and in the virtual world. The game then gets a little intense as zombies start coming towards you. The demo ends when the ammunition runs out.

Those who have used the headset during the conference has lauded it as offering immersion you will need a moment to adjust back to reality. Just like any other product, the StarVR has its faults too. The display has poor clarity. This is being blamed on the proximity of the displays to the face. The other cause of distortion if the frame refresh rate. It runs at 60 fps and those who have used the headset say that this needs to be improved. Nevertheless, enthusiasts lauded it saying it will give Oculus Rift a run for its money.

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