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VR 3D sex and porn VR Dildonics and toys has added teledildonic support!

It doesn’t get much better than this. As if being able to see all those beautiful models fucking and sucking each other in the Virtual Dimensions wasn’t tantalizing enough, the number one provider of all our Virtual Reality porn needs,, has partnered up with the popular technological sex toy company Lovense and added teledildonic support!
For those of you who are new to this site and don’t yet know the word, teledildonics is a somewhat fancy name for sex toys that can interact and be controlled over a distance, frequently using the internet to link-up and move in sync either with each-other (one person, let’s say a Man in this case, masturbates with one toy, another person -his Wife, BF, stranger, etc.- could have their own device which reacts in an appropriate and simultaneous manner; allowing for simulated sex between two people anywhere in the world), or with movement from other content such as a game or in the case of, a video.
Now for those of us interested in Virtual Reality (anybody reading this article I would assume) not only does the lovely world of teledildonics allow for sexual interactivity over long-distances; but it makes the concept of penetrative virtual reality sex a very real possibility; and now apparently, a reality.

Meet Max
Meet Max
and Nora!
and Nora!

So how is this achieved and what devices are compatible? Well you might remember the male/female toy duo, Nora and Max (which, I might add are happily the most normal sounding names I have ever heard for such devices), from this Lovense article we did on them last year; and getting things working should be as easy as syncing your toy to your PC, and VRP’s proprietary video player (appropriately named the Virtual Real Player) takes it all from there! Just start watching your video with your device at the ready and enjoy feeling like you’re fucking a pornstar!

In the case of Max (for Guys) you slip your sex organ in the sleeve in similar fashion to a fleshlight, and the devices soft, tight, flexible interior contracts in sync with the speed of the actress you are watching in VR and vibrates in sync with bodily contact (mmmmm, bodily contact).
Nora (for Gals, or those who kinky guys who want anal stimulation) rotates in sync with the speed of the actor, and vibrates with bodily contact in similar fashion; and I have to tell you, the whole process sounds and looks very arousing.

If you are interested (and you should be because this is about the sexiest thing to hit VR ever), follow this link to a 50% off sale on both devices which ends in a few hours from the time this article goes live, so don’t wait to try this out!

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