You are lying back on you Venus Kamasutra chair. You look around and you see a beautiful blonde walk in. She is very voluptuous. Her skin is spotless and her skin tone immeasurably awesome, her gorgeous boobs are a soft handful each, firm and the have a gentle upsweep. The nipples well centered, pointed as if begging you to nibble and lick them. Her thighs are very curvaceous and her skin spotless and radiating. She totally nude and you can clearly see her clean shaven womanhood. Your hard on is now raging and as if responding to your urge, she mounts you. You can literally feel the tightness of her contractions and hear her mellow voice as she moans. You can feel the tenderness of her inner skin. The wetness is very real. Her tempo is relaxing making her boobs bounce playfully with her movements. The pleasure is just immeasurable making climaxing inevitable. Before you know it, you are burning with pleasure and ejaculating like never before.


That’s Virtual Reality sex for you. The graphics are more detailed and the sensation more human than ever before. It is literally bridging the gap between virtual and actual reality. It takes you from being an observer to actually being a player. It feels so real that you feel like you are truly in the act. You see your partner, hear their voice and feel the contractions and the wetness of their vagina. The integration of sex toys with Virtual Reality is set to usher in a whole new frontier for the porn industry. It will make self-pleasuring and virtual sex more indulging, immersive and rewarding.

Virtual Reality sex toys are still new in the industry. Owing to this fact, there a few products already existing in the market. Many companies are now forming partnerships in order to come up with virtual reality sex toys that will add a whole new experience to the porn industry. VirtualRealPorn, have partnered with Kiirio to come up outstanding male masturbator. It has also partnered with lovense, a teledildonics company and are in the process of coming up with virtual reality sex toys featuring actual porn actors and actress. Topco and pornhub have also Many other renowned porn companies like Tenga have also promised porn consumers ground breaking virtual reality sex toys that will truly diminish the already thin line between real and virtual. Therefore we should expect a lot of these products in the mainstream as soon as next year, 2016.

Virtual reality sex toys in the market

There are already a number of products in the market. Listed below are some of the products that are already in the main stream and are available for purchase.

  • Onyx and Pearl


Onyx is a culmination of a partnership of VirtualRealPorn with Kiiro to develop a male masturbator. It’s a cyberdildonic masturbator able to receive and share touch data enabling the user to experience intimacy at a whole new level. It comes in three versions, onyx, couple set and the pearl.

How it works
Onyx contains contracting rings inside it to mimic actual penetration through simulation of thrust. Each rings contracts independently in sync with your partners Pearl. The core embodies two air channels for releasing air during contraction increasing direct contact with the walls of the core. This heightens sensation. The onyx can be used in 3 modes, the manual mode, slow pump and fast pump mode.

  •   Manual mode-the user masturbates by swiping the touch pad on the side of the onyx. In order to activate, leave it in the manual mode then log on the on the platform. Immediately it is activated, one can send and receive data from the pear. Whoever swipes first has the power over the other.
  • Slow pump mode- The rings contract slowly on regular intervals. To activate this mode, the on button is pressed twice.
  •  Fast pump mode-The rings contract fast on regular intervals. To activate this mode you press the button once when the onyx is on.

The Pearl is made of smooth silicone and utilizes capacitive technology. It has smart sensors along its shaft to detect every move. Every movement on the pearl triggers a similar contraction on the onyx on real time. These allows both partners to feel the penetrative sensations as they would if they were actually having real sex. The onyx and the pearl communicate real time via the internet and Bluetooth. The Pearl has 5 vibrations mode. Three of these vibration modes are constant (low, medium or high intensity). It also offers a gentle and slow wave and a fast and quivering pulse

The internal sleeve of the onyx is made up of Fleshlight. This makes it very tender and flexible just like real skin. The material is porous and requires no maintenance at all.It comes packaged in a hard outer case that is used to store it even when using it. The pearl on the other hand is made up of ABS plastic with a silicone shaft and comes with its own storage bag that is durable and can be used to store it after use. It’s soft and waterproof. The onyx is designed to receive and send data. The design of the onyx makes it inconspicuous hence very discreet. You can comfortably store it beside your coffee maker and nobody will recognize it.
Both Onyx and Pearl are rechargeable through USB. On the onyx, the charging port is located at the grip clip. On the Pearl, the charger cap is located at the bottom of the base. They both take approximately 3 hours to charge. When fully charged, they offer a user time of one hour. When the battery is going low with only 5 minutes of use left, a device will be flash to alert the user of the impending inconvenience.
Onyx platform
This is the avenue where people connect, chat, and use their devices. It’s compatible with windows 7 and later versions. The user must be using Bluetooth 4.0 and above. Alternatively you can use a Bluetooth dongle, it works perfectly well.
Once you have entered the platform and connected the device then you can be able to chat with other users. You have an option to join a chat, invite someone to a chat or browse the Pleasure Hub. The pleasure Hub contains webcam sites and synchronized porn. In the event that you decide to invite someone to the chat, you will be furnished with a randomly generated 6-digit alphanumeric passcode. Give the code to your partner so that they can use to enter a chat. This ensures that the chats are secure. The screens windowed effect makes looking at your partner natural and atmospheric. Experience with this platform is great.
Oculus Rift and the Onyx
Oculus Rift is one of the best VR headset ever developed. It has a high refresh rate and very low-persistence display. It also has custom optics to provide outstanding fidelity alongside an immersive wide field of view. All these combined, they offer an incredible VR experience making the user feel as if though they are actually there. The onyx is compatible Oculus Rift enabling the user to see their partner while they feel the onyx contract in sync to their movements. This makes the masturbation experience so real. The experience offered by this combination device is just epic.

  • Nora and Max


Nora and Max are both products of Lovense. Nora is a dildo whereas Max is a male masturbator. Norah has a lovely rabbit-style design. It’s curved to simulate the g-spot. It also has a clitoral mound. The insert able length is 4.75 inches. The exterior is made up of very tender, high quality silky silicone. It’s waterproof and easy to clean. The controls are located at the base. Norah can vibrate and rotate at the same time.

Max is also made from silicone. It offers both vibration and pressure via air pump. It embodies a vagina-like design with an opening, inner labia and clitoris. Owing to the very-life like material used, the vagina looks very real. It is waterproof too and easy to clean.
How they work
The clitoral mound of Norah vibrates whereas the shaft rotates. The vibrations and rotations can be controlled from the controls located at the bottom of the device or from the smartphone app. It has three modes of vibration and rotation which are light and buzzy. The vibrations are centered at the clitoral area. The rotations are more intense than the vibrations. When playing solo, the rotations and the vibrations can be controlled separately using the app. However, if the device is being controlled by your partner, then both the vibrations and rotations are activated simultaneously.
Max uses vibration and pressure to mimic thrust and penetration. All the controls are located at the base of the device. When playing solo, one can control the vibration and the pressure separately using the controls or smart phone application. When playing with a partner these factors activate simultaneously. Just like Nora, Max has three modes of operation and control all of which are light and buzzy.
Both toys are easily rechargeable via USB. Max can be used with another Max and Nora with another Nora.
Smart phone app

The BodyChat app is free and easy to download and in install. Once installed, you can sign up and connect your toy. If your partner has already connected their device to their phone then you can add them up as a friend. This app enables you to control your device via your smart phone. They toys can also control each other via the app. When using the toys simultaneously, their movements synchronize
You can use the app to text, make a video or toy to your partner. When you call your partner, the toys connect automatically. The battery status of the devices are displayed by the app hence alerting users on how much time is remaining. The app has an alert feature that lets you know when your partner starts using their toy.
Lovense and VR headsets
Nora and Max is compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Android iOS VR gear.

  • Twerking butt


This is a product of pornhub, It is literally a butt capable twerking, massaging and vibrating. It can warm up to 98.6 °F to give you an experience of a lifetime. It is synced with Cyberskin VR to add thrill to the entire experience.

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