3DXChat is still the finest.  Seriously, this game is awesome; it’s nearly got it all;  Sexy guys and gals, a growing list of locales, gorgeous graphics, and plenty to play with; it remains at the top of my list of favorite VR Porn game experiences; and as promised we bring you coverage of all of the latest updates.
In case you missed my last explanation or you just aren’t up to speed and have never heard of the game, here is a little recap (or introduction depending):
If walking around in Virtual Reality with hot guys and girls in skimpy outfits and taking off said outfits for a little naughty fun sounds like your idea of a good time, 3DXChat is the place you want to be.
If sitting down and chatting over a drink with the hottie with the cute ass and fuzzy bracelets you just seen walking by the bar is more your thing, this game won’t let you down there either.
In fact I would be hard pressed to think of any online adult game to date that even comes close to providing what 3DXChat provides, and the developers dedication to giving people a great and enjoyable adult experience is apparent in their continual rollout of worthwhile updates.

So what have they added since our last update?
Gobs of stuff (what did you expect?).

So once again, in order of appearance from the time of our previous report on this wonderful bit of passionate programming we have the:

Feb 3, 2014 3DXChat Features Update: Run Feature


Now you can look ultra desperate by running your ass to stare awkwardly at that girl in cute kitty ears that popped up behind you while you were using the urinal in the club (seriously, you can do that).


Feb 5, 2014 3DXChat Features Update: Cuddle Action


Who needs sex when you can have love (we do)?  Give your virtual lover a nice big squeeze where it counts and get those feels going; either before or after you’ve plowed each other into submission.


 Feb 12, 2014 3DXChat Sex Update: New Pose


Whenever I see a new pose in this game, I can’t help but think of how much better it will be once they finally get full Oculus Rift support finished.
As it is the position looks great, but I’m sure that jiggle would be much more entertaining from a 1st person point of view.


Feb 21, 2014 3DXChat Features Update: Pole Dance


Want to go to a sassy strip club, but in the privacy of your own home so you can actually whip it out (who doesn’t), or just shake your stuff for a bunch of strangers to watch?
Head to the club and get on that pole!



March 1, 2014 3DXChat Clothes Update: New Clothes!


Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man (except for the odd ones who like slovenly pigs. To each their own), so get pimped out in this sharp outfit
and start turning heads (and churning genitals).


March 12, 2014 3DXChat Clothes Update: New Dress


It would be cool if they would allow cross dressing, this dress would look boss on my suave male avatar when he’s showing off his -ahem- muscle.


March 14, 2014 3DXChat Content Update: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


What would an online game be if they didn’t celebrate popular holidays? Get a booger-colored hat and pretend you’re Irish (no offense irishmen/women).
Next up,  showing all the girls your shamrock.


March 18, 2014 3DXChat Sex Update: New Pose



If a little light bondage in the form of pretending to choke your lady while you tell her a secret get’s you off , this new pose just may be enough to help give you the confidence to attempt it in real life.
Afterwards, you can spend the night giving her hugs and trying to convince her you are not a violent psychopath. Sounds like fun!


March 20, 2014 3DXChat Sex Update: New Pose


Now these are the poses I like. Seeing 2 sexy girls giving it to each other in such a manly way, is not only slightly emasculating but also quite arousing.
Hooray for Girls!


March 25, 2014 3DXChat Sex Update: Improved Cum and 3 New Poses


What a special day this turned out to be.  3 hot same-sex oriented poses: reverse cowgirl, tribbing (I hope)?, and the good ol fan favorite “reacharound” for your Man partner, all put together with some nice high quality semen so you can tell them just how much you love them, in detail.


March 27, 2014 3DXChat Clothes Update: New Outfit


Skin clinging revealing dresses are all the rage this side of an HMD; I think this dress is so absolutely sexy I can almost feel the skin through it.

and for the finale – 

March 31, 2014 3DXChat Clothes Update: New Outfit


This one seems a little tame in comparison to the one above it in my opinion, but it’s still sexy nonetheless.  It must be a pain to stop such things from getting a run, but we’ve no need to worry about that in the VR Porn universe.

So there we are, all sorts of good stuff this time around; with the sexy sheer outfit and the new reverse-cowgirl girl-on-girl pose being my favorites.
It would have been nice to see some new additions to the locales, but I suppose the games focus is currently more on getting the sexuality mechanics ironed out (as it should be); although set and setting are certainly important in a comfortable and arousing experience, so hopefully we’ll see more new places to have sex the next time around.

If you really want to enjoy the game, be sure to try it in the Oculus Rift with the VStroker; you really can’t beat that level of immersion (yet). Although I am a little surprised they still haven’t updated their VR support to include 1st person camera.

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  1. Still the best game out. There’s a new group chat feature as well since this post. Ever evolving.

    1. I have to say that even given the shortcomings the game still has (which isn’t many), the amount of dedication the team has to consistently updating the game alone, make it worthwhile.

  2. When’s the new rift come out?

    1. Set to ship in July. As for the consumer Rift: 2015 sounds about right.

  3. Have you guys demo’d the new riftmodel?

    1. I haven’t had the chance yet unfortunately, but I am within the first week of orders, so hopefully within July sometime.
      I will make post detailing how well it works with our favorite porn games and services as soon as it’s in my hands!

  4. read a bit about people who’ve tried the demo and think its awesome. But so many people are excited on potential vs where its actually at right now

    1. That’s one thing to remember about everything VR related right now. We are still just getting off the ground, so there is plenty of room to grow!

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