Last week fleshight intoduce their own version of their virtual reality stroker powered by Kiiroo. Kiiroo already has their own vr stroker that syncs through bluetooth and to the computer to control and interact with virtual reality porn. Fleshight already intoduced the vstroker to the world which lets you interact with some virtual reality videos to make the action more to your liking. Now the introduction of the fleshlght launch puts fleshlight on the same page with some ot the other teledildonic makers out there that have outlasted their fad phase. There has been many makers of virtual sex toys but not all have lasted the test of time. Will the fleshight launch live up to the hype?


The fleshligt launch is a lot bigger than the other virtual reality sex toys on the market since you have to insert the fleshlight into the launch  to make it work. Any of the fleshlights on the market are compatible with the launch so whatever you have already will do. You can always pick up a new one to use with the launch if you like. Let’s not forget that the fleshlight launch can also be used with all your favorite vr headsets as well so keep watching the great porn that you like and strap on the launch for take off. Standing at 12.75 inches tall you can’t really hide the launch that easily but if you have sex toys anyway you probably already have a good place to hide things. One of the great benefits that do come along with the fleshlight launch is since you do get to customize your own fleshlights you won’t have to settle for the one size fits all model like other strokers on the market. You can always switch it up with a different fleshlight for different sensations.

The fleshlight launch has bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable and says that it can got up to 180 strokes per minute. I haven’t got that good at masturbating yet so I’ll take the 180 strokes per minute. When you turn on the launch it automatically goes to interactive mode which you can switch to manual mode after that if you desire. I don’t see why you would want to put into manual mode when you can do that without the launch. The fleshlight launch can be changed to increase or decrease the stroke size as well as increase or decrease the stroke speed. Adding in the option of various fleshlights to add to the launch you can make the fun of playing with the launch endless.

Lock in your favorite vr porn and enjoy the ride. I think overall the fleshlight launch is going to be a big contender in the world of virtual reality sex toys. Right now the market only has a few big name players and fleshlight has the backing to continue to improve and build upon. They have a big following and loyal customer base to make things happen. Watch out for the fleshlight launch because it will take you places.


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