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Ah, Teledildonics. That somewhat ungainly little word that is spreading through the minds and loins of naughty adults the world over. In case you aren’t yet up to speed, teledildonics (aka: cyberdildonics) are sex toys (dildos, mastubators) that can be controlled remotely, either via transference of data collected from one “toy” and sent to another (as in the case of the Lovepalz devices), or by information embedded in special video and sent to the user. In either case, there is plenty to love about teledildonics, much more than just regular sex toys. So I have a compiled here a few undeniable (and somewhat humorous) reasons to love teledildonics. Hope you enjoy!

1) You (or your spouse) no longer has to cheat.

Perhaps the most beneficial of the bunch, at least for some of you. Carrying along a teledildonic device with you on your work trip or your holidays while your spouse (fuck buddy, significant other, etc.) stays at home -or vice versa- could prove to be the agglutinating force that keeps you together. No longer can anyone say “I was horny and you just weren’t around” and get away with it! (And that goes both ways so just remember to ‘forget’ yours if you happen to be the one going out on an adventure).

2) Sex with porn stars.

Now this is one of my favorite reasons to own a teledildonics device. Did you know that with devices like the fleshlight VStroker you can watch special videos where the device will sync up with the action on-screen, making you feel as if you were actually the one fucking the model? Now if this isn’t a good reason to get your wallet out, I don’t know what is!

3) Add some spice by teasing your partner remotely.

Sure, the biggest allure of these devices is the ability to remain intimate over long-distances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with them in close-quarters as well. Imagine watching your girlfriend squirm on the park bench, or in your local coffee shop, as you play with her pussy remotely? Lovense develops toys that not only allow 2 devices to sync up and communicate, but you can also control them using an Android or iOS device.

Imagine what kind of naughty fun you could get into!

4) The safest sex imaginable.

We all love fucking, but we all know there are unfortunately some risks that are associated that can make sex a gamble with some pretty high stakes. Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and Hepatitis are very real things to worry about if you are interested in having sex with strangers or multiple partners, but with teledildonics devices you can safely engage in intercourse with as many people as you like, and not have to worry about anything other than charging your batteries!

5) You will never have to go without.

As studly as you may be, there comes (cums?) a time in every man’s life where it just isn’t possible to get laid. Maybe that pretty girl you had your eyes on at the pool turned out to be packing a little extra down below (ever hear the song, Layla?), or perhaps your job entails regular expeditions to Antarctica where the only pussy around for miles belongs to the penguins. Regardless of your plight, if you have a teledildonics device you are good to go. Even if there is nobody on the other side, if you have a service that offers teledildonics enabled video, you can rest assured you will be getting laid, even when there is no-one around.

So there you have it, just a couple of reasons that make teledilonics technology that is worthy of your affection. Whether you’re single or happily in a relationship, they could be just what the doctor ordered in order to spice things up in the sack.
Have you tried any of the above-mentioned devices? Would you like to?
Let us know in the comments below what you feel about the 5 points in this post, and do tell us if there are any other reasons you can think of that we didn’t talk about here that make teledildonics something you love!

Happy Humping!

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