While it is clear that we are heading towards a future of interactive and immersive porn awesomeness, we can still only speculate how such digital desires will manifest, and I look eagerly forwards to a day when catching a show at my favorite strip club is only a strap and a headset away.
Given recent advancements in 360° cameras like the Bublcam here, and subsequently, immersive live streaming, telepresence is slowly beginning to bring our favorite out of home activities into the comfort of our living rooms, and bedrooms;  and is beginning to reshape how we experience everything from our favorite concert performances, to watching our favorite girl ride the pole while “Mustang Sally” plays in the background.
Such advancements don’t only benefit the consumer though, and stand to give businesses an entirely new (and drastically larger) source of revenue than what they have previously been fit to accomodate.  Limited only by bandwidth, should a club choose to incorporate a live telepresence 360° camera feed into its list of attractions (perhaps even one built into the strip pole), they could allow at-home visitors to log on during showtimes for a nominal fee and expand their list of potential customers substantially.  The big problem really lies in trying to convince people that VR really is the next big thing, but I don’t think it will be too long now before that becomes apparent on a large-scale, as it is picking up momentum faster than I think anybody could have projected; which I think you will all agree is fucking awesome.

All from the comfort of home.
All from the comfort of home.

So if you happen to be a stripper, a strip-club owner, or have some form of an influential relationship with somebody who has some form of influential relationship with a stripper or a strip club owner, be sure to talk to them about how VR is set to reshape the porn industry, and how they can jump on the train and be one of the first establishments to go down in time for providing live Virtual Reality streams of their shows to horny patrons the world over.

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