What a wonderful year for VR Porn this has been so far! Not only have we had a steady stream of smaller demos flooding in (mostly from the Reddit community) and consistent updates from the ever-faithful VirtualRealPorn.com to keep us busy in HMD-Porn-Heaven, but two more big players have stepped into the Adult VR Movie genre as well. Popular Adult company Badoink have recently launched their new premium subscription service, BadoinkVR (even throwing in a free smartphone VR viewer ala Google Cardboard, via their sponsored website FreeVRGoggles.com); and Porn Giant Naughty America has gotten into the game with their VR Porn debut scene, starring Nikki Benz and Jaclyn Taylor, “2 Chicks Same Time” which can be found for free here (with more scenes being available here); and the promise of weekly updates by the owner of the site. Both services produce high-quality content and have the advantage of being well established names in the Adult community already, and hearing that these guys have taken the leap is about the best news I’ve had all year.

Both services support multiple devices from the get-go, with videos in formats for the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift being available on both sites, and BadoinkVR takes it a small step further by adding Google Cardboard to that list (although it is doubtful that NA will be far behind considering Cardboard is the most affordable VR solution out there next to the Badoinks freebie), as well as binaural audio which goes a long ways in making the VR experience all that much more immersive.

Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so! 😉

Not all of the BadoinkVR videos are locked down to the 180°’s of viewing we have grown accustomed to seeing with the VirtualRealPorn.com videos we all know and love either, with at least one full-360° experience available at the time of this writing and you can bet there will be more to cum in the near future.

The only downside to either service we can see so far is that the resolution of the videos found on both the Naughty America and the Badoink VR websites are a little below average but we are confident that will improve as time goes on. So given that and the fact that both services are very affordable (a yearly membership for Naughty America breaks down to under 8 dollars a month, with trials just over a dollar. BadoinkVR is slightly more expensive, but only by a few bucks) this isn’t something that you are going to want to miss out on trying.

So what do you think? Are you as confident as the rest of us that this the future of Porn, or are you one of those people who think VR is just another fad that will have it’s day in the limelight and then fade into obscurity like so many antiquated memories from the technology of our past? Truth be told I was pretty confident from the start (my business depends on it), but up until recently I still had some doubts, albeit small ones. Now that these guys have moved into the game though, I have no doubt that VR Porn is the next step in the evolution of Adult content, in much the same way that I believe VR and AR is the next step in the evolution of computing.

Now get out there and immerse yourself in some Porn.

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  1. awesome movie ..hats off to aamir for making this movie..it should go to the oscars .. the way a childs world is shown is lovely ..as a parent i hope after this movie i listen to my kid more ..as usual the pseudo inttaleceulls are running it down ( btw the same pseudos who liked the crappy no smoking )bv

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