The Race Is On To Feel Your Way Through Virtual Reality

  We can say that virtual reality has a pretty good leg to stand on right now. From the beginning things were shaky as to how the future of virtual reality would hold up. Many people still argue that it’s just a fad and will blow over. Everyday there are new technologies created to boost virtual reality more and more into the future. College campuses now use virtual reality to recruit students, museums offer private tours with virtual reality headsets. You can take a virtual vacation to get away from the office and relieve some stress. We also know that you can watch lots and lots of porn in virtual reality to relieve stress too. One of the big races right now in the world of virtual reality is to be able to feel the environment around you. We are now able to be transported to another world with virtual […]

The Porn Dude Will End All Of Your Porn Searching

If you have found this site you are either an avid reader of our blog our you have spent many searches trying to find the right porn for you. Here at we will give you all of the new and updated information on the world of virtual reality porn but sometimes you need a little more than that. That is where comes in. The Porn Dude is the Santa Claus of porn sites. He has made a list and checked it twice. He will let you know which porn sites are naughty or nice. You have a niche that gets your heart racing and guaranteed you will find the list you are looking for when you visit If you are reading this you probably speak English but if English is your second language has a translator located at the top of the site so that can […]

Mature Reality Expanding VR Porn For Older Women

We all have our different preferences when it comes to porn and the teen scene doesn’t do it for everybody. The majority of virtual reality users consist of people ranging from 25-35 years of age. I am excited by all types of women young and older. I love them all. The virtual reality world brings you to another space and makes the viewer feel transported to another reality. That reality sometimes needs to consist of beautiful naked older women. Not too long ago the makers of Wankz VR came out with Milf VR to keep up with the growing appetite for older women in vr porn. Now the makers of Reality Lovers has brought to life a new site called Mature Reality. This site is stuffed full of older women ready to take you to your fantasy world. One of the great things that will definitely excite you when you […]

Czech VR Staying Ahead In Virtual Reality Porn

Everyday there is a new vr porn video released to the masses for everyone to view. New studios are popping up everyday to monopolize on the growing trend of vr porn. Czech VR is one studio with staying power. They have been around since almost the beginning and sport more vr porn videos than any other studio. You have a variety of videos to watch when you do head over to Czech VR. They have Czech VR Fetish and Czech VR Casting with their growing library of vr porn videos as well. Together these three sites boast over 275 videos. No other vr porn site is even close to catching up yet. Each week these sites are updated with 3 to 4 new videos. Czech VR has some of the sexiest women in the business and guarantee you a great experience when watching their videos. One of the great things […]

Virtual Reality Porn in Hotels

Could virtual reality porn be coming to a hotel near you soon? For so long the hotel industry depended on businessmen and frequent travelers to purchase movies from their pay per view arsenal to generate extra revenue. Those days have long past since most guests have some type of technology to keep them busy without having to pay extra. Wifi is free in majority of hotels and unlimited data plans on phones allow guests to watch movies and videos for free. The emergence of virtual reality has sparked the resurgence of video game arcades. Is virtual reality going to do the same for the profitable side cash for hotels around the world. Andy Alvarez the owner of VR3000 one of the many virtual reality porn studios has stated that he is in talks with bringing the virtual reality porn technology to hotels in the European Union. “The EU has always been […]

A Day With Elsa Jean and Piper Perri

When it’s time to eat finding something to eat takes a long time. You decide that you are hungry then you take forever trying to figure out what to eat.  The options are endless and you are trying to pinpoint what it is you have a taste for. Selecting porn takes just as long. You have to choose your  taste in porn and then narrow that down even more. What is exciting about the videos that gives us is that they do a lot of this for us. They take what we like and make it into an adventure. Watching porn has become more of an adventure now that we have more of a choice in what we get to see. The newest selection of the girlfriend experience at is a beautiful piece of artwork. A day with Elsa Jean & step-sister, Piper Perri featuring Piper Perri, Elsa […]

Badoink VR Changing The VR Porn Experience

We all love to watch vr porn but if you haven’t came out of pocket for one the more expensive headsets yet you are still watching it through your cell phone. I have a good cell phone that plays back videos pretty well but it is still a pain to have to take it out to change videos. Badoink VR is changing the way we look at vr porn with their new hands-free theater mode. This new implemented technology allows to control everything with your eyes instead of having to take your phone out all the time to change videos. What this means for you is you get to enjoy more porn  and have more fun without the pesky distractions. Badoink VR designed a cool new menu structure that’s clean and simple enough to operate just by looking at it. A floating cursor that is controlled by your device’s head-tracking tech […]

Dominika Is The Newest Hottie For Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight is always finding ways to stay relevant in the world of sex toys. You don’t shop for sex toys over and over. Usually you get one you like and stick with it until it dies on you. Fleshlight allows all of it’s masturbators to be interchangeable with different sleeves so that you may constantly keep it fresh. Each month fleshlight introduces a fleshjack man of the month for all to enjoy. They also continue to update their product with fresh new girls for you so you can keep your personal love life exciting. Fleshlight is introducing new to you this month Dominika. What is really exciting about having Dominika join the fleshlight girls is that she has been around for a while but the intimate areas are usually barely visible. Dominika has already been featured on nearly ever major glamour site from Playboy to Metart, Hegre-art,, Watch4beauty and beyond. […]

Is Microsoft’s Mixed Reality A Bust

I tried Microsoft’s first Mixed Reality headset and it was just like VR by Tom Warren@tomwarren May 11, 2017, 5:38pm EDT Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge Microsoft is planning to introduce a number of what it calls Mixed Reality headsets later this year. While the software maker first unveiled HoloLens as its answer to augmented reality, it has expanded its plans with a larger “Mixed Reality” focus. I got a chance at Microsoft’s Build developer conference to try out Acer’s Mixed Reality headset. The hardware itself felt comfortable on my head, and I was able to quickly adjust it for a tighter fit. It didn’t feel particularly heavy, but I only tested an app experience on the headset for around 10 minutes. The gaze support and tracking felt just like any regular VR headset, and it was quick to respond to when I glanced in opposite directions without […]

Milf VR Has A Mother’s Day Treat

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we are all thinking about what to get our mom’s and how we are going to show the special women in our lives how much we appreciate them. Not to tell any lies here but I will probably be sneaking off this weekend from all of the festivities to have a little me time. Thanks to the people over at Milf VR us vr porn enthusiasts all have something to look forward to. Starting on Sunday there will be a new monthly pricing and not just for the weekend but forever. With Milf VR updating videos weekly you will have new milf’s to drool over and when you sign up with them you also get access to over 30 plus non vr websites to get your fun on with. Milf VR is also one of the few vr porn websites out that you […]