Indiegogo has been a launch pad for a few notable success stories in relation to VR sex and teledildonics. With the few successes come many more stories of failure or failed potential.

The latest, VirtuaDolls, is ‘an adult VR game controller where touch and feedback are taken to the next level.’ Essentially it’s a controller where you can feel the game. Click here to check out the indiegogo campaign

threesixtyThis device has handles and a ‘tunnel’ with 6 different textures sleeves for your . As you’d expect, the device has a multitude of stimulators many of which are unseen in current male sex devices and many that are more advanced. Here are the details

First off there is a programmable and adjustable soft touch gripper which looks to give the squeezing sensation on the sleeve. Next, there is intelligent stoker which has multiple speeds and adjusts to your position. It also tracks your movement/position and syncs to the game so that the movements that you see align with the stimulation you’re receiving. By syncing your motion, you can control the action.

Feel what you see
Feel what you see

It gets even better with an optional vacuum attachment to add a suction feel for increased immersion for the almighty virtua-fellatio. Better yet, it doubles as an easy cleaning system. (To me this isn’t optional- why would you pass on this?)

The girls of Arcadia is the game included. The visuals on the indiegogo campaign look respectable. They aren’t mind blowing but they don’t look like shit either. VirtuaDolls can also be synced with VR Porn. They are also options for developers, VR porn producers or gamers to easily incorporate VirtuaDolls.

In the first few days, they have sold out of the $99 VirtuaDolls bundle and are a few away from selling out the $125 early adopters VirtuaDolls bundle. Next will be the $149 bundle. F

The VirtuaDolls bundle inlcudes the VirtuaDolls Controller, plain silicone sleeve and Girls of Arcadia game. For $199, you can get all the above + the vacuum attachment.

From there, there are developers bundles for $200 and for the 4 first supporters of the $499 bundle will get to design a girl bundle, which allows you to essentially create a girl for the Arcadia game, including her exact look, her name, her back story and her mannerisms. You also have the option of having your name used in the credits. Definitely a unique option. Maybe Alexxx will pull the trigger on this one?

I get really excited about projects like this and tend to get ahead of myself, so I’m love to hear what you all think about this campaign? Think it will blow up or fizzle out?

VirtuaDolls Gripper twerk

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