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Remember that #GivePornAHand campaign that everybody was talking about a few months back? You know, the one where Vancouverite (and CEO of Utherverse) Brian Shuster attempted to spark an industry wide crusade to utilize VR Porn (synonymized as “Syntholograms”, “Holographic Video” and “Interactive Holographic Avatar Sex”) in part as a method for copy-protecting porn content (and providing meaningful Adult VR entertainment)?

Well, the company has made good on at least one of those promises so far with the release of HOLOGIRLSVR.com and if having decades of experience in the porn business is an attribution to the quality of their new, more virtual offerings, it shows!

LotsOfGirls in VR
the action happens in all directions!

With a handful of videos on the site since they first launched last weekend, the company plans to release 2-4 new videos each week, which would be at a similar rate to the perhaps more well-known VirtualRealPorn and Naughty America schedules.
At the moment, not all of the videos are in 3D and in the ones that are the effect feels kind of weak, which could be attributed to the 360° filming (as compared to the 180° used by most VR studios so far), but the production value is high (which is to be expected of a studio of this caliber) and Mr. Shuster (in the guise of /u/ObsidianVR, his Reddit alter-ego) claims that the 2D content will be re-released in 3D when post is complete, and given how much this guy has done for porn thus far, we believe him!

Aside from the high-quality of the videos, another huge plus is the diversity in both the number of models, and the style of the videos we have seen so far. In just a little over a week we have seen threesomes, four girls at a time, a full on orgy and your classic girl on guy action. Each video on the site is tagged with some ‘best viewed’ recommendations suggesting how you should position your body and where you should be sitting in order to get the optimal experience. There is also a ‘coming soon’ section so you always have a bit of insight into what the studio will be releasing next, which could be handy if you aren’t sure whether or not you should spend your money this week, or wait until next.

The cost of membership is a bit more expensive than other VR porn subscription services we have reviewed, especially at the higher tiers which is somewhat surprising. Given the early status of Hologirls I think most people would expect things to be a little cheaper, at least until the company gets up to speed and becomes a little more well-established. At $269 for the year we are still getting a discount though in comparison to the monthly $29.99 fee (a savings of $89.89 on the annual cost) and that nets you access to all of the videos on the site, so we’ll check our complaints at the door; at least until we see how things pan out over the course of the next few months.

While there are no low-cost trial accounts available, there are downloadable teaser videos on their website, so download a couple and give them a try.
Don’t forget to set your view mode to top-bottom 3D, or you won’t get much out of it. None of the demo videos are in 3D, but if you don’t set it that way things aren’t going to look right anyway.

cute Vicki Chase fucks Steve Holmes in VR
Ever want to get fucked by Vicki Chase? Well now you can!

Brian recommends using the Gear VR over other HMD’s as it will allow you to get into all sorts of positions. I don’t own a Gear VR so I haven’t had the pleasure of trying VR porn with one, but I can testify that with the Rift I am frequently trying awkward things (such as stretching my legs out onto the top of my PC) in order to get myself ‘synced-up’ with the body of the actor for optimal immersion, so I can see how this suggestion would have merit. VR porn is still plenty-interesting sitting at your PC (with an HMD of course), but I can only imagine that laying down in bed in the same position as the guy getting fucked would add to the immersion significantly.

Now, much of this is only my opinion of course. YMMV and so you should try it out regardless of what I think about the service.

If you happen to be one of those brave pioneers who has already signed up for HologirlsVR and given it a try, leave a comment and tell me what you think about the service and whether or not you disagree. If you aren’t one of those people who have tried it, there is a short pier out there somewhere with your name on it that needs a bit of a walking.

Just kidding, your comments are more than welcome too. Smile

Until the next time my VR Porn friends.


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