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Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – according to Lovense

Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – At least that is what the catch phrase found on www.lovense.com, the website showcasing the his and her teledildonic devices “Max” and “Nora”, would have you believe. In a similar way to other teledildonic for couples devices we have covered, such as the Kiiroo “Opue” and “SVir” or the Lovepalz “Hera S” and “Zeus S”, Max and Nora work by connecting and communicating through your smartphone, tablet, or computer and sync up their movements allowing you to interact with your friend/lover ,and hump them…

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Facebook acquires Oculus – what does this mean for VR Porn?

So if you haven’t heard the message yet, it’s been an interesting day in the world of all things Oculus Rift. With news abound that our beloved progenitor of the worlds best Virtual Reality device has sold out to Facebook for the tidy some of 2 billion, the Virtual Reality world is in a tizzy; and rightfully so. While I missed my chance to back the Rift on Kickstarter, I was an early pre-order reserving my spot in line in March 2013, and I have to say I’m not quite…

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Sweet Dreams are made of…. Veiviev

The guys behind the 3d scanning tech at Veiviev have been at it again. This time with a very sexy “futuristic, voyeuristic experience” they are calling “Lucid Dreams“. A couple of days ago I mentioned the demo, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to try it due to some login issues.  Well the issue has been fixed and I got my first chance to enjoy their newest offering, and I must say I am quite impressed! While this experience is similar to previous demos utilizing their 3d-scanning technology, the…

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DK2 is announced! – Oculus Rift Pornography get’s an upgrade!!

What a stimulating mid-week this has been! First, yesterday Sony makes it’s GDC announcement unveiling to the public their PS4 VR headset, project morpheus, which at the very least promises to continue to drive the Virtual Reality evolution into the homes and minds of consumers everywhere (which is a very good thing). Then last night I see that Veiviev has finally released a (long awaited) VR demo titled “lucid-dreams” (more on that later, the program is still in beta and I am having login issues atm), and to top off the…

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A new arousal – The effects of VR on human sexual development

In my January 27th article What VR Porn can do for “Taboo” I question the effect that virtual reality porn, or more specifically taboo virtual reality porn may have on the human psyche. One thing I did not touch upon however, was the effect that Virtual Reality pornography may have on the sexual development of the more vulnerable younger generations, although such thought is certainly worthy of our consideration. Being a parent myself it is difficult not to wonder how such a thing as the Oculus Rift may affect the…

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Positional tracking in VR Porn – The fine art of the Virtual Upskirt

Aside from everything else awesome about the Oculus Rift and our future filled with Oculus Rift pornography, one of the greatest abilities the technology is bringing to the playing field is something never before seen in a consumer-grade HMD and it is sure to be another reason why virtual reality porn will be amazing: Positional Tracking. Oh just think of the possibilities! Not only will we be able to walk and look around in virtual reality smut-filled worlds getting our rocks off in the privacy of our headsets (don’t forget,…

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The Dark and Wonderful Abyss of the VR Porn future.

Fantasy. That is what I believe most people think of when they think of Virtual Reality. But I’m not really talking about the people who are still wondering if something like VR will ever make it to primetime (get out from under your rocks man), but more so what the majority of us gamers, media munchers and movie-goers want to be immersed in when we don our magical head-gear and fly away to another world. We want an escape, a way to get away from the 9 to 5, we…

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Live Telepresence – what’s missing in VR Porn?

With all the talk lately of virtual reality-enabled social platforms and teledildonics it’s clear that the adult entertainment world is opening it’s doors to some big new changes. As we all know however, with new technology comes new responsibilities; and would be VR pornographers and developers alike will have to rise to the challenge and create great content that is not only compelling and enjoyable, but functional to the technology being introduced. After all, where is the excitement in Oculus Rift porn if people only ascribe to creating the same…

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