Gear VR: Mobile Porn is cumming soon.

Tired of being tethered to your PC while playing porn games on your Rift? Want desperately to be able to watch videos while kicking it in the park, or in the back room at work (we do!)? Well consider your prayers answered as the long awaited Oculus/Samsung collaboration mobile headset – Gear VR –  is finally available to the hungry masses – for the price of a Galaxy Note 4 and $200. So just what exactly is Gear VR? While at first glance it may appear that the high-tech device is nothing more than a hyped up and possibly overpriced version of Google Cardboard, and though it is similar in the fact that they both allow you to turn stereoscopic material on your smartphone into an interactive Virtual Reality experience, the similarities stop there. The current iteration of the gear, referred to formally as the “Innovator Edition” and aimed at (in Samsung’s own words) “innovative consumers, specifically […]

Is the VR porn industry finally picking up?

For those of you who have been faithfully following this blog (there are a lot of you, we know the industry has enormous potential), you know it has been a matter of slight concern on just when the Rift porn industry would start picking up speed, and give us something great to write home about. While there isn’t a whole lot of new material out there, there are a few fun new things to play around with and we will talk briefly about them in a moment. First I wanted to say that those of you who are wondering what happened to some of our regular posts like the 3dXChat updates we regularly do; given the companies choice to forego supporting the DK2 we weren’t certain whether or not you still wanted to hear about them. We unfortunately forgot about all of you DK1 users that are still out there and neglected […]

VR camstars – will there be a difference?

One thing that has me wondering lately is whether or not being a VR Porn Star will have a different effect on the models knowing that they aren’t just being masturbated to while on a 2d screen. In a sense, VR Porn brings us closer to the models than ever before, and it is definitely more intimate on the users end; but does this intimacy transfer over in any way to the girls/guys who are putting on the show? Most certainly, it would depend largely on the personal psyche and disposition of the individual, but I’d be interested to know whether or not a camgirl or the like would feel any different knowing that the people who are watching her are for all intents and purposes, at least in their own minds, virtually in the room with them; and if that feeling of closeness would translate to a more involved performance on […]

Dream of VR Pornication

Have you ever thought about what sort of influence Virtual Reality porn may have on the world collectively? I mean, how is the large-scale habitual consumption (much like regular porn today) of immersive sexual entertainment going to effect the generations of tomorrow? It’s an interesting question and one that I feel beckons some consideration. Not that I think that daily consumption of plentiful amounts of virtual tits and ass is going to be a bad thing necessarily, but I have read a few studies regarding pornography and how it effects the brains of it’s regular users and abusers; and if viewing normal porn on the internet can alter the structure of the brain, imagine the potential that virtual reality porn must have; and how that may effect us porn-addicts in the long-term. Are we at risk of losing hold of the natural compassion humans exhibit during physical affection (lovemaking), and sliding into an unnatural state characterized by […]

What Porn game would you like to see in VR?

If you could pick any Porn game to date and make it into a VR title, what would it be? There are so many out there it’s a tough choice for sure, but it’s a good way to give devs some ideas of what kind of experiences people are the most interested in. I, for one, would like to see some of the games from the Leisure Suit Larry series redone for VR (though the poor success of the last few titles gives doubt that Al will return to the industry). “Magna Cum Laude” was one of my favorite adult gaming experiences by far, with the series taking a serious dive after that; but perhaps VR could give it a much needed revival? Bonetown was another awesome title that deserves to be Riftified; It had it all: drugs, sex and enough potty humour to turn a pecker pink. They may have overstepped their boundaries […]

What can VR Porn do for self esteem

Of all the things that VR Pornography can or cannot do for a person, one of the last things you are likely to think of is that it can help to change your level of self-esteem; possibly for the better. No drugs, hypnotherapy, painful shock-treatment (unless your into that); just an Oculus Rift, a VStroker (or whatever other teledildonic device you prefer), and your favorite VR porn game. While there are no scientific studies to back that claim up (yet), it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to consider the possibility that gaining confidence towards people in virtual reality will transfer over as a real world skill, at least to a measurable degree. So how does that tie in to virtual reality pornography? Well, with VR Porn you can come face to face with beautiful women (and men) in a way you may have only dreamed of otherwise. Let’s say, […]

VR Sex Anonymous

Know somebody who won’t get out of there house because they are addicted to VR smut? Are they suffering because of their addiction? Are you suffering because of their addiction? Is that somebody you? While these questions may seem absolutely ludicrous, because let’s face it they kind of are (and this post is written with a slightly humorous intent), adult VR is such a new thing and still seems a little too “unfinished” to be something that could foster a serious fixation; but what about a couple of years down the road when things have finally reached the level of immersiveness that we all know they are going to go? Will people give up everything they have just to get their VR porno fix? Will jobs be lost, wives be left? Well, we kind of hope so: because if all of that stuff is happening it must mean things have gotten good […]

Calling all users – Help us serve your needs better.

So here is the lowdown on everything Oculus Rift porn related; currently there is not much new to report so I thought I would take the time to ask our audience what exactly you would like to see from our website, and to give you all a chance to become active partners in helping us to grow our site in the direction that you would like to see; so that we can serve you as best as we can. So now is your chance, what exactly would you like to see VRSexlab become? Do you want more pictures and videos in the posts? Would you guys be interested in occasional interviews with VR Porn developers (when there are some to interview)? We try to keep everything up to date and interesting here, but given that the niche is still brand-spanking new, without feedback from our user-base we can only guess what it […]

VR Porn still has it’s legs open for business.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s been a great year for Virtual Reality!  A couple of scares along the way (this reddit post in particular, and this one that clears it up) but for the most part it’s been pretty smooth sailing! Oculus is now officially owned by Mr. Zuckerberg and with that acquisition finalized I must admit there was some serious apprehension out there on the interwebz about what exactly that would bode for the future of VR Porn, and rightfully so; but now that the deal is done and hands have been shaken, it feels good to know that somebody as monetarily powerful as Facebook guiding the reigns, as you can guarantee that the future of VR is secured. Also, given that the social goliaths already massive existing infrastructure (you thought I was going to say something else didn’t you?) can be utilized for whatever they […]

Using 3rd Party Drivers to play porn games in the Rift

So we’ve chatted about how to use 3rd party programs to view regular 2d porn in the Rift, but how about using 3rd party programs to play unsupported 3d porn games in the Rift? Enter Tridef Experimental Rift support. You may recognize the name Tridef or DDD as these guys have been making stereoscopic drivers and monitors for a very long time indeed, so you can trust that they have the experience needed to make things work; originally founded in Perth, Australia in the early 90’s, they went through extensive R&D before they finally commercialized in 2003, making this year over a decade in operations. So what do you have to do to get the drivers up and running? Well the suite generally costs $40 and comes free with the experimental Rift support, but you can download a 14-day trial here. Once you got that up and running, download and install […]