With all the virtual sex games currently on the market, there are some that we think would be ideal for a crossover to the Oculus Rift. From animated 3D porn games, to realistic solo girl action, even spin offs of popular computer based RPGs, there is a virtual sex game out there for everyone. Some would take the transfer to a head mounted display better than others, though. A few need some slight improvements, while others are ready to go as they are. Here are our picks for the ten virtual sex games that should be adapted to the Oculus Rift!

Nemo’s Whores – A true “fantasy” style 3D sex game, you play the role of Nemo, who gets to fuck the members of his submarine crew. Not only is there a selection of hot animated women to choose from, there’s also a shemale thrown in for an added bonus. This Windows based game is known for its superior graphics, sound effects and background music. The pirate theme is also not overly done in the 3D animation world, unlike other fantasy based scenarios. We think a transition to the Oculus Rift would be an easy one!

XStory Player – This Windows based 3D sex game comes at the cheap and cheerful price of only $9. For that, you get two story play modes plus four fast play modes that are unlocked when the missions are completed. The higher quality graphics on this 3D porn game make it ideal for an Oculus Rift crossover, although we’d love to see a few more modes included in any upgraded editions!_3dxchat-oculus-rift-porn__031

Juliet Sex Session – This dirty little whore wants to lap up every ounce of cum in this 3D sex game for the Mac and PC. Pretty much a dirty form of “choose your own adventure”, you can perform almost any sex act on Julie, as well as enhance her body to get it just the way you like it. The perfect little animated girlfriend who has the sex dive of a minx! This game would be great changed up to a “point of view” style porn on the Oculus Rift.

Saboom – This web based live action sex simulation game lets you pick out which girl you want to fuck and how you want to fuck her. Using live models rather than animation, Saboom is great for the guy who wants to look down at a pair of real eyes as their cock is getting sucked. Almost every sex style is covered in this game, so your particular favorite position will be ready to roll. One enhancement we’d like to see on Saboom for the Oculus Rift would be the ability to turn your head and see other couples getting it on.

Bonecraft – A great game for the Minecraft lover who is looking something X-rated, Bonecraft is a Windows based adult game that combines the hand to hand combat of most fantasy style third person shooters with a whole lot of fucking. This isn’t a stand-alone sex game, more like an adult fighting game with some sex thrown in. One of the major complaints about this game is that the controls are hard to master, which we think could be solved with the directionality of the Oculus Rift.

My Plaything, Silvia Saint – The virtual sex version of a solo girl porn site, in this interactive DVD you get to map out all the nasty things you want to do with your porn star, Silvia Saint. The menu style setup makes it easy to get right to the action you’re looking for, rather than having to play through a storyline. Another non-animated adult sex game that could do with a few upgrades before crossing over to the Oculus Rift.

Nightstud 2 – Ready to fuck your way to the top? The end goal of Nightstud 2 is to fuck as many women in as many various situations as you possibly can. You’re given a “to do” list, some cash, and a raging hard on to complete your mission. This game is much more “realistic” than your usual fuck fest virtual reality game. You will need to “woo” your date with wine and sex toys, and even toss on a condom if she asks. We think the pick-up scenarios at the clubs would be great to see through the Oculus Rift ‘s eyes.


3D Lesbian – If you prefer your porn cock-free, this 3D animated sex game for Windows is the porn game you’re looking for. This game isn’t just for the guys – it’s for anyone who enjoys watching some girl on girl virtual action. This is another “3rd person” game where you’re looking in on the action. If this game does indeed come out for the Oculus Rift, we’re hoping that there’s a few point of view options. Would be quite cool looking down at a girl eating out “your” pussy when you’re usually looking down at a cock!

Virtual Hottie 2 – Are you into the character creation aspect of virtual sex games? Virtual Hottie 2 is the only one on the market that allows you to alter your lover right down to their eye color! You’ve also got a great selection of sexual features including sex toys, outfits, environments and even the sexuality of your partners. This is certainly made for those who are as turned on about making your ideal virtual lover as you are fucking them. We can’t think of too many changes that this animated virtual sex program will need when swapping over to a HMD.

Pocket Date Boy – We couldn’t have ten virtual reality games that should be adapted for the Oculus Rift without at least one gay title in the mix! Pocket Date Boy is a gay virtual sex game that is lacking in the animation department, comprised mostly of still images. We bet that if Pocket Date Boy came to the Oculus Rift, and a bit of action was involved, it would open up the head mounted device porn to a whole new crowd.

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  1. I liked the article. Got my mind racing for sure, trying to think of other virtual sex, porn or games that I’d want to see.

    Saboom converted into a Oculus Rift VR sex game would be so good. Obviously it’s real women and it probably could be converted relatively easy depending on how the male sex devices develop. Even with the fleshligh and v-stroker, I think it would be beyond epic. How far away from real pornstar VR sex through the Oculus do you realistically think we are? Obviously there are so many avenues for porn and always will be, but it seems like it’s such an obviously huge cash for them that they would be all over this? I don’t know, but my two cents, for what it’s worth.

    I hadn’t heard of many of these, but I just checked out Night Stud 2 and I’d like to see it into a Rift game for sure. Without knowing much about it, seems like it would be a pretty fun game if you could play it through the Rift.

    What about bringing back a classic like Leisure Suit Larry- maybe a bit more hardcore? I’d buy it without even thinking about it.

    Thanks guys- like the site.

  2. Leisure suit larry is a classic, although I don’t think very many people played it.

    Do they still make this game? Let me check….

    Check this out, the game is reloaded https://www.google.ca/search?q=Leisure+Suit+Larry:+Reloaded&rlz=1B3GGLL_enCA394CA395&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=WQ1eUtinB6rgiwKd4IGwAQ&ved=0CD4QsAQ&biw=1920&bih=927&dpr=1

    Might be interesting with the rift, actually, everything will be interesting with the rift.

    Can’t wait!

  3. That’s awesome, I remember playing Leisure Suit Larry back in the day. I could totally see the whole LRL approach towards an adult VR world with the Oculus Rift. Anyways, Nemos Whores is one I would pickup in a second. I’ve gotten a chance to play that a few different times and the 3D world they put together is pretty compelling. I could definitely see that getting ported over. But, Saboom looks like an angle that could get realistic sex going with the Oculus Rift and show some amazing sex and adult VR world. Others are compelling as well. Hmmm

  4. Pamon- you bring up a really good point. With the Oculus Rift porn or adult gaming market, there will be designers going for the most realistic sexual experience which Saboom could possibly convert over to at some point but there is also the more fantasy role play virtual game where the game-play, although sexual in nature, may not need to be as highly sophisticated graphics wise (at least initially) to sell millions of copies of it. Then there will be more taboo fetish porn games and apps, games with futuristic or fantasy type characters like mermaids, girls/creatures with various skin complexions, attributes, etc and so on. Then on top of all of that there will be the entire spectrum of gay and lesbian porn games for the Oculus Rift. All in all there will eventually be games for everyones desires and fantasies and then some. Who knows what the Oculus Rift adult/porn experience will unveil about your own interests!

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