5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Teledildonics

frixion masturbation girl

Ah, Teledildonics. That somewhat ungainly little word that is spreading through the minds and loins of naughty adults the world over. In case you aren’t yet up to speed, teledildonics (aka: cyberdildonics) are sex toys (dildos, mastubators) that can be controlled remotely, either via transference of data collected from one “toy” and sent to another (as in the case of the Lovepalz devices), or by information embedded in special video and sent to the user. In either case, there is plenty to love about teledildonics, much more than just regular sex toys. So I have a compiled here a few undeniable (and somewhat humorous) reasons to love teledildonics. Hope you enjoy! 1) You (or your spouse) no longer has to cheat. Perhaps the most beneficial of the bunch, at least for some of you. Carrying along a teledildonic device with you on your work trip or your holidays while your spouse […]

If you like Fleshlight, you’ll love Vstroker!


By far the biggest advantage virtual reality porn has over old boring regular porn (ok ok, normal porn is still cool too) is that it takes us out of one reality, and puts us into another – aka immersion; and while taking part in such an immersive viewing experience is definitely more involving than getting off to images or videos of people having sex on a 2d screen (or magazine, do people still use those?) we are still limited to being passive observers of the experience, just sitting back and fapping (or jilling) away to something that looks like we can reach out and touch it, but we are always left with the unsatisfying realization that we just can’t… Or can we? I’m sure the majority of you out there have heard of the very popular, primarily male sex toy company, Fleshlight; after all, their ads are posted up on […]

3DXChat Update – Plenty to play with this time around.

3DXChat is still the finest.  Seriously, this game is awesome; it’s nearly got it all;  Sexy guys and gals, a growing list of locales, gorgeous graphics, and plenty to play with; it remains at the top of my list of favorite VR Porn game experiences; and as promised we bring you coverage of all of the latest updates. In case you missed my last explanation or you just aren’t up to speed and have never heard of the game, here is a little recap (or introduction depending): If walking around in Virtual Reality with hot guys and girls in skimpy outfits and taking off said outfits for a little naughty fun sounds like your idea of a good time, 3DXChat is the place you want to be. If sitting down and chatting over a drink with the hottie with the cute ass and fuzzy bracelets you just seen walking by […]

VR Porn and the future of the incoming Multiverse

So we all know where this VR thing is headed, right?  Eventually the internet as we know it will be integrated seamlessly with an immersive Virtual Reality multiverse where people will meet and hang out and sip virtual coffee in virtual hangouts between Google searches, playing VR games and watching Virtual Reality Porn (or having virtual sex with  their VStroker version 2.0). Ok, so there will likely be a little more to it than that but you get the picture, and one thing is for certain, it’s going to be amazing.  How couldn’t it be? Random Virtual Reality Sex with complete strangers?  Yes please! And whether Oculus remains the captain of the ship seems somewhat inconsequential now, the cat is out of the bag and it’s wearing a VR headset; and I would challenge anybody to try to slow that pussy down. It would seem that Virtual Reality has made […]

A brief look at the history of VR Porn

It’s the future, no doubt about it.  Automated vehicles, 3d printed body parts (that sounds like it could have some rather naughty but weird implications in the future) and Virtual Reality are all likely here to stay.  Luckily for us, automobiles and medicine are far from the only things to undergo big leaps in evolution; and porn is no exception. So just how did it all start?  Though we haven’t found any evidence of neanderthals carving naughty pictures in stone whilst hiding from Saber-tooth tigers in the torchlight of a cave yet, pornography does date back a very long time indeed, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise; We are all human after all, and have been for a little while; and being a human comes with certain needs. So without further ado, I give to you a brief look at the history of VR Porn (forgive me if I […]

Looking for Love – In Artificial places

Cherry 2000.   While most of you are probably thinking that sounds like a missed marketing opportunity for the worlds biggest cola company a decade or so ago, and it might be a tad bit before some of your time, this sexy post-apocalyptic romp through the wastelands of the year 2017 was largely responsible for fueling the fantasies of many would be cyber-sexual adventurers for generations to come; and while some of you will no doubt think this 80’s b-movie itself might not be so great (I loved it, but I grew up in the 80’s, so this kind of cheese was part of the spread), the concept that surrounds it (that of a future filled with horny sex robots) is an enjoyable idea indeed, even if it’s best iteration so far has been limited to cheesy b-movies. With continual advancements in teledildonics (such as the Vstroker), and virtual reality […]

3DXChat Update XXXtravaganza! – Virtual Reality Porn at it’s finest.

Wow, this game is great. I could write an article about the 3DXChat service once a week, and I still wouldn’t come close to covering all the updates these guys (and gals) have been pushing out! Talk about dedication to a product! Now given that this particular article is my first about the service (Ryan covered it initially) let me start by telling you a little bit about what 3DXChat provides, and where it falls short. If you are looking for an all out sex marathon with some of the hottest (and horniest) girls and boys this side of the Rift (you know the one), 3DXChat is where you are going to find it. If you are instead perhaps looking for an online social/dating experience with luxurious locales and lovely ladies, 3DXChat has that covered too. Alternatively however if you are just looking for a virtual place to hangout and […]