VR Porn without Teledildonics is like being a guy without a dick.

In all of the last couple of years that I have been reviewing and enjoying various types of VR Porn, I have, for the most part, not really thought much or cared much about whether or not I was fapping away solo with my hand (as per the usual method) or utilizing some sort of masturbatory aid (sex toy) to give my hand a… hand. While I have spent a good deal of time writing about a few of the better teledildonic devices (long distance haptic sex toys for the uninitiated) out there, and one would assume I must own a few, for the most part my experiences with such technology has been limited to listening to user accounts about the experience, or seeing a technical demo where I have only been able to verify that the product works the way it is intended and used that to build off […]

Liberties and limitations of teledildonics today.

While nearly everybody on the planet has either heard of or utilized standard fair sex toys such as the dildo or the buttplug – assuming you are reading this on planet Earth that is -, and powered sex toys (vibrators, massagers, etc.) are now common place, the world of teledildonics (electronic remote controlled sex toys) still remains relatively unknown to the minds (and nether regions) of the average consumer. With this new age of Virtual and Augmented Reality now upon us however, these titillating tools are leaving their caverns of obscurity and are being welcomed with increasing frequency into the pants and panties of lustful lovers the world over. So what are some of things that teledildonics can do that other sex toys cannot, and what are some of the current limitations of the tech that we would like to see overcome? Well, for starters, teledildonics can allow multiple partners to be intimate across vast distances. […]

VirtualRealPorn.com has added teledildonic support!

It doesn’t get much better than this. As if being able to see all those beautiful models fucking and sucking each other in the Virtual Dimensions wasn’t tantalizing enough, the number one provider of all our Virtual Reality porn needs, VirtualRealPorn.com, has partnered up with the popular technological sex toy company Lovense and added teledildonic support! For those of you who are new to this site and don’t yet know the word, teledildonics is a somewhat fancy name for sex toys that can interact and be controlled over a distance, frequently using the internet to link-up and move in sync either with each-other (one person, let’s say a Man in this case, masturbates with one toy, another person -his Wife, BF, stranger, etc.- could have their own device which reacts in an appropriate and simultaneous manner; allowing for simulated sex between two people anywhere in the world), or with movement from other […]