What Porn game would you like to see in VR?

If you could pick any Porn game to date and make it into a VR title, what would it be? There are so many out there it’s a tough choice for sure, but it’s a good way to give devs some ideas of what kind of experiences people are the most interested in. I, for one, would like to see some of the games from the Leisure Suit Larry series redone for VR (though the poor success of the last few titles gives doubt that Al will return to the industry). “Magna Cum Laude” was one of my favorite adult gaming experiences by far, with the series taking a serious dive after that; but perhaps VR could give it a much needed revival? Bonetown was another awesome title that deserves to be Riftified; It had it all: drugs, sex and enough potty humour to turn a pecker pink. They may have overstepped their boundaries […]

What can VR Porn do for self esteem

Of all the things that VR Pornography can or cannot do for a person, one of the last things you are likely to think of is that it can help to change your level of self-esteem; possibly for the better. No drugs, hypnotherapy, painful shock-treatment (unless your into that); just an Oculus Rift, a VStroker (or whatever other teledildonic device you prefer), and your favorite VR porn game. While there are no scientific studies to back that claim up (yet), it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to consider the possibility that gaining confidence towards people in virtual reality will transfer over as a real world skill, at least to a measurable degree. So how does that tie in to virtual reality pornography? Well, with VR Porn you can come face to face with beautiful women (and men) in a way you may have only dreamed of otherwise. Let’s say, […]

VR Sex Anonymous

Know somebody who won’t get out of there house because they are addicted to VR smut? Are they suffering because of their addiction? Are you suffering because of their addiction? Is that somebody you? While these questions may seem absolutely ludicrous, because let’s face it they kind of are (and this post is written with a slightly humorous intent), adult VR is such a new thing and still seems a little too “unfinished” to be something that could foster a serious fixation; but what about a couple of years down the road when things have finally reached the level of immersiveness that we all know they are going to go? Will people give up everything they have just to get their VR porno fix? Will jobs be lost, wives be left? Well, we kind of hope so: because if all of that stuff is happening it must mean things have gotten good […]

Calling all users – Help us serve your needs better.

So here is the lowdown on everything Oculus Rift porn related; currently there is not much new to report so I thought I would take the time to ask our audience what exactly you would like to see from our website, and to give you all a chance to become active partners in helping us to grow our site in the direction that you would like to see; so that we can serve you as best as we can. So now is your chance, what exactly would you like to see VRSexlab become? Do you want more pictures and videos in the posts? Would you guys be interested in occasional interviews with VR Porn developers (when there are some to interview)? We try to keep everything up to date and interesting here, but given that the niche is still brand-spanking new, without feedback from our user-base we can only guess what it […]