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VR Porn – a girls perspective

So we have all been hearing plenty about this VR Porn thing lately, but most of it is from the perspective of males and it would seem there isn’t a guy on the planet who would disagree that the idea is appealing; but what about us girls and how do we think about all of it? I think the reality is we get left out alot when it comes to the adult industry, but a large part of this is because of the way we voice ourselves (or don’t) in regards…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn 

OculusRealPorn.com – Easter update!

Spring has sprung and sex is in the air and the beautiful girls from OculusRealPorn.com are looking better than ever. Now that they have steady cam support and nausea is no longer a part of the equation, the VR stunners are there to watch in all of their virtual glory (holes) the way they were meant to be watched, sans Rift sickness. Since last we seen, the team has been a busy bunch working hard (and humping hard) creating new Oculus Rift Porn videos; and as promised they have delivered. With a…

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VR and the potential for Virtual Viagra

Maca root, chocolate, rhino horn (not cool), oysters, horny goats weed (cool), viagra, yohimbe… For thousands of years mankind has been searching for the perfect way to aid in our arousal (or get aroused depending); Searching feverishly high and low on the quest to find the perfect aphrodisiac to help intensify our tumescence or wetness, and aside from that most well known of the “potentiating” pharmaceuticals, mostly failing… Whether you are a fully functioning “member” of society (pun intended), or whether you are trying to get Sammy the Turtle to…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn 

3DXChat Update – Plenty to play with this time around.

3DXChat is still the finest.  Seriously, this game is awesome; it’s nearly got it all;  Sexy guys and gals, a growing list of locales, gorgeous graphics, and plenty to play with; it remains at the top of my list of favorite VR Porn game experiences; and as promised we bring you coverage of all of the latest updates. In case you missed my last explanation or you just aren’t up to speed and have never heard of the game, here is a little recap (or introduction depending): If walking around…

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VR 3D sex and porn 

VR Porn and the future of the incoming Multiverse

So we all know where this VR thing is headed, right?  Eventually the internet as we know it will be integrated seamlessly with an immersive Virtual Reality multiverse where people will meet and hang out and sip virtual coffee in virtual hangouts between Google searches, playing VR games and watching Virtual Reality Porn (or having virtual sex with  their VStroker version 2.0). Ok, so there will likely be a little more to it than that but you get the picture, and one thing is for certain, it’s going to be…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games 

Ribald Roulette – The Risks and Rewards of developing a VR Porn application.

While many of us are interested only in what the end results of a developers hard work provide for us and seek out XXX VR Content purely for our personal pleasure, it’s interesting to step back for a moment and take an objective look on what exactly goes into giving you that Virtual Blowjob; and how creating such personal experiences as those that target our sexual satisfaction may differ from the development process of standard video game fair. For one thing, while your average video game may benefit from being…

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Call to arms – a fight for the future of Oculus Rift Porn freedom.

With Palmer Luckey working hard to alleviate fears and the dust finally beginning to settle since the announcement of Facebook’s acquisition of our beloved progenitor of the VR revolution, it’s not hard for a person to want to just sit back and tell themselves that all is well in the world of VR, and in our case the world of VR Porn. There is plenty of speculation abound however and not all of it necessarily unfounded, that the Oculus Rift will eventually find itself closed down to a marketplace where…

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