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OculusRealPorn.com – Easter update!

Spring has sprung and sex is in the air; and the beautiful girls from OculusRealPorn.com are looking better than ever.  Now that they have steady cam support and nausea is no longer a part of the equation, the VR stunners are there to watch in all of their

VR and the potential for Virtual Viagra

Maca root, chocolate, rhino horn (not cool), oysters, horny goats weed (cool), viagra, yohimbe… For thousands of years mankind has been searching for the perfect way to aid in our arousal (or get aroused depending); Searching feverishly high and low on the quest to find the perfect

3DXChat Update – Plenty to play with this time around.

3DXChat is still the finest.  Seriously, this game is awesome; it’s nearly got it all;  Sexy guys and gals, a growing list of locales, gorgeous graphics, and plenty to play with; it remains at the top of my list of favorite VR Porn game experiences; and as

VR Porn and the future of the incoming Multiverse

So we all know where this VR thing is headed, right?  Eventually the internet as we know it will be integrated seamlessly with an immersive Virtual Reality multiverse where people will meet and hang out and sip virtual coffee in virtual hangouts between Google searches, playing VR

Ribald Roulette – The Risks and Rewards of developing a VR Porn application.

While many of us are interested only in what the end results of a developers hard work provide for us and seek out XXX VR Content purely for our personal pleasure, it’s interesting to step back for a moment and take an objective look on what exactly

Call to arms – a fight for the future of Oculus Rift Porn freedom.

With Palmer Luckey working hard to alleviate fears and the dust finally beginning to settle since the announcement of Facebook’s acquisition of our beloved progenitor of the VR revolution, it’s not hard for a person to want to just sit back and tell themselves that all is

Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – according to Lovense

Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – At least that is what the catch phrase found on www.lovense.com, the website showcasing the his and her teledildonic devices “Max” and “Nora”, would have you believe. In a similar way to other teledildonic for couples devices we have covered, such

Facebook acquires Oculus – what does this mean for VR Porn?

So if you haven’t heard the message yet, it’s been an interesting day in the world of all things Oculus Rift. With news abound that our beloved progenitor of the worlds best Virtual Reality device has sold out to Facebook for the tidy some of 2 billion,

Sweet Dreams are made of…. Veiviev

The guys behind the 3d scanning tech at Veiviev have been at it again. This time with a very sexy “futuristic, voyeuristic experience” they are calling “Lucid Dreams“. A couple of days ago I mentioned the demo, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to try it

DK2 is announced! – Oculus Rift Pornography get’s an upgrade!!

What a stimulating mid-week this has been! First, yesterday Sony makes it’s GDC announcement unveiling to the public their PS4 VR headset, project morpheus, which at the very least promises to continue to drive the Virtual Reality evolution into the homes and minds of consumers everywhere (which

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