The Race Is On To Feel Your Way Through Virtual Reality

  We can say that virtual reality has a pretty good leg to stand on right now. From the beginning things were shaky as to how the future of virtual reality would hold up. Many people still argue that it’s just a fad and will blow over. Everyday there are new technologies created to boost virtual reality more and more into the future. College campuses now use virtual reality to recruit students, museums offer private tours with virtual reality headsets. You can take a virtual vacation to get away from the office and relieve some stress. We also know that you can watch lots and lots of porn in virtual reality to relieve stress too. One of the big races right now in the world of virtual reality is to be able to feel the environment around you. We are now able to be transported to another world with virtual […]

Virtual Reality Porn in Hotels

Could virtual reality porn be coming to a hotel near you soon? For so long the hotel industry depended on businessmen and frequent travelers to purchase movies from their pay per view arsenal to generate extra revenue. Those days have long past since most guests have some type of technology to keep them busy without having to pay extra. Wifi is free in majority of hotels and unlimited data plans on phones allow guests to watch movies and videos for free. The emergence of virtual reality has sparked the resurgence of video game arcades. Is virtual reality going to do the same for the profitable side cash for hotels around the world. Andy Alvarez the owner of VR3000 one of the many virtual reality porn studios has stated that he is in talks with bringing the virtual reality porn technology to hotels in the European Union. “The EU has always been […]

Is Microsoft’s Mixed Reality A Bust

I tried Microsoft’s first Mixed Reality headset and it was just like VR by Tom Warren@tomwarren May 11, 2017, 5:38pm EDT Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge Microsoft is planning to introduce a number of what it calls Mixed Reality headsets later this year. While the software maker first unveiled HoloLens as its answer to augmented reality, it has expanded its plans with a larger “Mixed Reality” focus. I got a chance at Microsoft’s Build developer conference to try out Acer’s Mixed Reality headset.> The hardware itself felt comfortable on my head, and I was able to quickly adjust it for a tighter fit. It didn’t feel particularly heavy, but I only tested an app experience on the headset for around 10 minutes. The gaze support and tracking felt just like any regular VR headset, and it was quick to respond to when I glanced in opposite directions without […]

VR Sense – Will It Make Virtual Porn Even Better

The advancements in virtual reality continue to grow everyday. We have our major players like HTC with the HTC Vive and Facebook with the Oculus Rift. We also have some companies trying to catch up while others are trying to surpass the technology of today. Let’s take a look at Koei Tecmo’s vr arcade cabinet. Beyond just your regular vr headset we are told that VR Sense will be able to respond to your five senses including smell and touch. Imagine being in a virtual world with the sex partner of your choice and smelling the candles burning in the background as you take a bath together before you go to the bedroom and make passionate love. The possibilities are endless if this VR Sense is as good as it claims to be. Right now there are 3 games that have been announced to be able to be used with […]

Watch VR porn videos on Oculus Rift

What is Oculus Rift device? The VR Porn Oculus device, equipped with the customized tracking technology, offers you an ultra-low latency 360° head tracking. This means that you are able to look around you while watching a vr porn video just as you would in the real life. In order to be completely immersed, Oculus provides a 100° field of view. When you watch your favorite 360 porn video, your view is no longer boxed-in on a screen and is just limited by what your eyes can see. These technological assets give you the possibility to enjoy perfectly every porn movie you want to watch. What are the pros of the VR Porn videos Oculus device? + The Oculus Rift is lighter than the HTC Vive so it is more convenient for anybody +It has built-in headphones that do not press onto your ears which makes the audio much better and comfortable +At launching the device, you can […]

53 Oculus Rift titles will support Touch controllers at launch

We’re less than a week away from the December 6th release of the long-awaited Oculus Touch controllers, and it looks like lucky Rift owners will have plenty of reasons to use them. Oculus just announced that they’ll be launching with 53 supported titles. That includes existing games like The Climb and Job Simulator, as well as new entries like the magic multiplayer fest The Unspoken and the graffiti simulator Kingspray. Check out our coverage of those games, along with plenty of other intriguing Oculus Touch titles, from the company’s developer conference last month. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Looking ahead to 2017, Oculus says we can expect titles like Robo Recall, Arkitka.1 and Giant Cop: Justice Above. The company also revealed that its demo title Toybox will also be available for free when the Touch Controllers launch. That’ll join Medium, Quill and Dead and Buried among the free titles Oculus is offering, […]

Horrifying VR Film Places You In A Automotive Crash

If you learned how to drive in the US, there’s a good probability you suffered through Red Asphalt -the famously gory driver’s ed movie the California Highway Patrol has been making and remaking since the 60s. Now the time-honored tradition of scaring teenagers into staying sober behind the wheel with grotesque pictures has taken on a brand new dimension: virtual reality. Diageo, the British liquor firm that owns Johnnie Walker, Baileys, and Guinness, has tapped VR tech to convey the dangers of drunk driving with an additional dose of drama. Choices puts you inside three automobiles destined for a deadly encounter late at evening on a stretch of rural street. A pair on their first date after having a child, three twenty-somethings heading to a celebration, and Sam, a younger girl leaving a bar after a gathering that included bottle service. The corporate plans to roll out its full setup-complete […]

Will VR be huge in 2016?

VR Growth Chart with Girl

There isn’t a single one of us who doesn’t want the VR industry to succeed (and if you do happen to be one of those people who don’t, gtfo) and do so in as massive a manner as Ron Jeremy’s uncomfortably large schlong, but is it a possibility that things are still a little too undeveloped in the VR world to count 2016 as the year when the VR industry explodes (like Ron Jeremy’s uncomfortably long schlong)? Well, let’s just take a step back and take a look at a few of the facts. When it comes to predicting the success of a such a new and powerful medium as Virtual Reality, it isn’t a stretch by any means to see that the potential for something huge is there. VR headsets are being touted as the new go-to devices for not only immersive entertainment, but are widely being heralded as […]

Zuckerberg exploring potential use of VR beyond games

Virtual Reality has featured so much in the gaming industry that enthusiasts are expecting it to soon be an intricate part of it. Mike Zuckerberg is not about to take that sitting down, though. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, took Samsung Mobile World Congress by surprise when he revealed that already more than a million hours of video has been watched in VR. He also revealed that Facebook has created a team that is set to explore VR’s potential beyond games. Ever since acquiring Oculus Rift, Zuckerberg has made known his profound interest in VR. Mark Zuckerberg, during his appearance at the conference, explained that millions of people are already watching 360 videos on Facebook. He added that more than 20,000 of them had already been added while hundreds of them being added daily. The “Social VR” team is tasked with other kinds of non-games content for VR headsets. […]


Virtual reality got unprecedented attention during the just concluded Adult Entertainment EXPO in Las Vegas. It elicited mixed reactions from various players in the adult entertainment industry with many viewing it optimistically while a few exhibited some pessimism over the same. The expo also featured the upcoming California ballot measure and piracy among other challenges rocking the industry. Besides offering fans a chance to meet their stars, this year’s expo offered VR companies an opportunity to find what the industry thinks of their products and what it expects of them. Alex Helmy, the founder of Xbiz, termed VR as an emerging ray of hope. He further echoed the sentiments of many people that VR would be the next big wave for the porn business. He reiterated his hope that it would have a good impact, unlike Blu-Ray which he claims hardly had any impact. Ann Lee, president of Holofilm, shared […]