Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – according to Lovense

Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – At least that is what the catch phrase found on, the website showcasing the his and her teledildonic devices “Max” and “Nora”, would have you believe. In a similar way to other teledildonic for couples devices we have covered, such as the Kiiroo “Opue” and “SVir” or the Lovepalz “Hera S” and “Zeus S”, Max and Nora work by connecting and communicating through your smartphone, tablet, or computer and sync up their movements allowing you to interact with your friend/lover ,and hump them to your genitals content over long distances; helping to narrow the gap that being away from each other may bring. So what set’s Nora and Max apart from similar devices other than the fact that they have much better names (seriously Kiiroo, “Opue”)? For one thing the design looks to be better for both devices: Nora has the classic rabbit […]

Live Telepresence – what’s missing in VR Porn?

With all the talk lately of virtual reality-enabled social platforms and teledildonics it’s clear that the adult entertainment world is opening it’s doors to some big new changes. As we all know however, with new technology comes new responsibilities; and would be VR pornographers and developers alike will have to rise to the challenge and create great content that is not only compelling and enjoyable, but functional to the technology being introduced. After all, where is the excitement in Oculus Rift porn if people only ascribe to creating the same old things? Now while the people behind such great games as 3DXChat and Chathouse3D are doing great things for the VR porn gaming genre, and is working hard on pioneering the VR porn movie genre; there is something that is missing and it could eventually prove to be the most enthralling of them all. VR Porn Live shows. Now […]

Making a little Friction with

A couple of weeks ago we reported on Kiiroo, a rather ambitious venture which hopes to allow people to hook up online ala social platform/dating website and have virtual sex via teledildonics, and eventually with a little luck, the Oculus Rift. Although these particular waters are somewhat fish-free at the moment, there is at least one more platform that bears mentioning that has itself gearing up for a hot and heavy future full of telemetric sex: With claims that their proprietary Telemetry Translation API will allow real-time bidirectional force feedback telemetry (2 way boning with feels) between multiple and different devices (eg a cellphone or a mouse on one end and a haptic device with a dildo attachment on the other), the platform certainly does sound interesting, and if you’ve ever dreamed about opening your legs or bending over for that sexy looking Novint Falcon on your desk, these […]

Kiiroo social platform – the missing piece of the teledildonics puzzle

Just got your sleek new teledildonic masturbation device shipped to you in the mail and you’re eager to try it, but you have nobody to use it with (or your just eager to sneak around on your gold-digging wife and/or your paranoid of diseases)? Enter Kiiroo: The first social platform with an intimate touch. While technically not yet on the market, and it may not actually work with that his and her lovepalz set your Mother gave you for Christmas (yet), what Kiiroo shows us on their Indiegogo page regarding their idea for a teledildonics utilizing social platform sounds all sorts of interesting; in a hump-a-stranger 4000 miles away because you can sort of way. Not everything about the campaign is chocolate and roses. I think their youtube infomercial could use a little more work (it’s slick in a business sense, but I don’t really find it exciting in a […]