Oculus says no porn in store.

With E3 all wrapped up and the video game world looking forwards to all of the wondrous things (Fallout 4 & Oculus Touch being at the top of my list) that were announced and¬†settling into beautiful dreams of what is to come, it comes as no big surprise that Oculus announcement of the Oculus Store included the words “no porn” (especially given the acquisition by Zuck so long ago); and while that might seem like the company is backing out on it’s previous agreement to keep the platform open, it is my opinion that the exclusion of Adult content -at least on the official curated distribution platform- isn’t necessarily all bad; but it is a bit of a mixed bag. Let me explain. First of all, though¬†Oculus has decided to forbid pornographic content from being a part of the Oculus Store, the Rift will remain an open device. Meaning that […]