Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games 

Oculus says no porn in store.

With E3 all wrapped up and the video game world looking forwards to all of the wondrous things (Fallout 4 & Oculus Touch being at the top of my list) that were announced and settling into beautiful dreams of what is to come, it comes as no big surprise that Oculus announcement of the Oculus Store included the words “no porn” (especially given the acquisition by Zuck so long ago); and while that might seem like the company is backing out on it’s previous agreement to keep the platform open, it…

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Has Oculus introduced the holy grail of VR Porn gaming?

Ah, E3. The Electronics Entertainment Expo. There isn’t a single video game geek out there in the world that doesn’t look forward to this time every year with rapt enthusiasm waiting with baited breath for the coolest new games and gaming devices to be announced, and rarely (if ever) does it disappoint. This year however, with consumer VR just on the horizon, has proven to be a little more exciting than most; and with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey having finally revealed what the company has been working on as a solution…

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VR 3D sex and porn 

Virtual Reality Porn is Marching Forwards!

I’ve had a bit of a strange go at things this year for me so far, kind of a mixed bag. It all started off rather well, but then I lost my Wife of 10 years (she left me for another, much younger man), encountered some serious financial struggles as a result, gained some friends, lost some friends, and learned a whole lot about myself in the process (also, my beautiful new 1440p monitor fried; and in an unrelated bad-light-switch-wiring incident, my house and all of my precious VR gear…

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The  anticipated debut has arrived as Cumfundme.com has gone live as of May 11th. Following a few hiccups, the site appears to be running smoothly. CumFundMe.com is aiming to be the biggest adult only crowd funding site. A site aimed solely at the adult entertainment industry, we hope that more funding will be directed towards virtual reality and teledildonic area of the adult industry. Other crowdfunding sites like indigogo.com have helped fund some great VR ideas/films/technology as well as adult products (AutoBlow2) , but this site should provide a more direct spot to be noticed…

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