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If you like Fleshlight, you’ll love Vstroker!

By far the biggest advantage virtual reality porn has over old boring regular porn (ok ok, normal porn is still cool too) is that it takes us out of one reality, and puts us into another – aka immersion; and while taking part in such an immersive viewing experience is definitely more involving than getting off to images or videos of people having sex on a 2d screen (or magazine, do people still use those?) we are still limited to being passive observers of the experience, just sitting back and…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn 

2014 was great, but 2015 will be better!

With another year down and another year ahead (Happy New Years VR Porn Lovers!!), it’s next to impossible not to get excited about what 2015 may hold, especially with the very real possibility that this may be the year of the Oculus Rift consumer release! While 2014 certainly had a lot of smaller things to offer in the world of VR porn (I’m looking at you Reddit) and a couple of more substantial titles, such as pg-productions “Playgirls” and Utherverse’s new “Red Light Center 2.0“, we still have yet to see anything truly…

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