A brief look at the history of VR Porn

It’s the future, no doubt about it.  Automated vehicles, 3d printed body parts (that sounds like it could have some rather naughty but weird implications in the future) and Virtual Reality are all likely here to stay.  Luckily for us, automobiles and medicine are far from the only things to undergo big leaps in evolution; and porn is no exception. So just how did it all start?  Though we haven’t found any evidence of neanderthals carving naughty pictures in stone whilst hiding from Saber-tooth tigers in the torchlight of a cave yet, pornography does date back a very long time indeed, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise; We are all human after all, and have been for a little while; and being a human comes with certain needs. So without further ado, I give to you a brief look at the history of VR Porn (forgive me if I […]