Oculus Rift adult apps store

Like some of you reading this, I don’t go much more than a day without imagining how the Oculus Rift will change the adult gaming world. One topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately is when and who will come out with shorter app type games. Although, the full version games like 3DX chat and Wicked Paradise will be awesome, I can only imagine that people might be looking for a 10-20 minute short game to ‘meet their needs”, so to speak. There are millions of options out there that I or the next guy could think of if the topic of ¬†adult apps for the Oculus Rift was presented. Some of the ones I’ve been thinking of lately are a BDSM app more geared towards domination. Now, I know it would only be sense of sight and sound, but I can picture either a virtual women or […]