Dezyred – Free Interactive VR Porn Game

Christmas has come and gone and you finally have some free time from the family. Yes it was great to eat, drink and be merry but now that we can have some time to ourselves we can really have some fun. We have time off from work for the holidays and yes the global pandemic lingers on. Those of us that are getting some more home time can appreciate what the good folks at Vrbangers studios has done for us. We have wanted it for a long time and what better time to release such a much coveted item than Christmas. You might not have it at the top of your wish list but you will definitely be glad it’s here. Dezyred is the first and free interactive vr porn game we really need. You spend so much time trying to find the video to watch and many times you […]

VR Bangers Commits To Bringing You More VR Porn

VR Bangers is an upcoming vr porn site that continues to progress all the time. They recently made the decision to start releasing 2 new videos a week. If they are true to this method than that will be 104 videos a year. That would make them the biggest vr porn site around. They now have 80+ videos that can be viewed over at The videos featured at VR Bangers host some of the most erotic content with some of the hottest porn stars to date like Riley Reid, Dillon Harper and more. Just because this site might not have as many videos right now as some of the other vr porn sites available does not mean that they aren’t a force to be reckoned with. VR Bangers was just featured on Playboy TV. All of the videos are filmed for viewing in 3D or 4K HD. ┬áThe […]

7 VR Porn Sites you need to check out in 2016

2015 was a great year for VR Porn. As the weeks and months passed, more and more new sites popped up, new rumours swirled and the growing and continued excitement was present. Were there countless struggles and failures? Of course. That really goes without saying. But what also was apparent was the growth and the investment in virtual reality porn. I remember going to one of the few VR Porn sites that had 1 video when they first went live. It was a great video and a first for VR porn. From there, 5, 10, 20, 50 videos become available within a 6 months period. The videos were new and different and best of all vr compatible. The quantity was still limited, but it was growing and more and more sites continued to pop up. A year later and these sites combine for┬áhundreds and perhaps even thousands of high quality, […]

VR Bangers vows to make VR porn readily available to all devices

VR Bangers is one of the pioneers globally to produce VR porn in 360 degrees. The company is seeking to take VR porn mainstream by offering ultra-realistic and immersive experiences on all devices including smartphones. Since it was founded two years ago, VR Bangers has always vowed to address the boredom felt by viewers while watching regular porn. It seeks to give viewers a chance to live their wildest of fantasies. The company is currently engaged in directing and production of VR porn. VR Bangers also doubles up as a technology company. It offers a web platform which features online streaming in UHD 4k resolution hence offering the most realistic VR porn experience imaginable. VR Bangers combines their lifelike video quality with binaural sound in a bid to create a very immersive experience. The company is offering immersive content for all devices including phones, tablets (both running on either iOS […]