VirtuaDolls- the next BIG VR success story on Indiegogo?

Indiegogo has been a launch pad for a few notable success stories in relation to VR sex and teledildonics. With the few successes come many more stories of failure or failed potential. The latest, VirtuaDolls, is ‘an adult VR game controller where touch and feedback are taken to the next level.’ Essentially it’s a controller where you can feel the game. Click here to check out the indiegogo campaign.¬† This device has handles and a ‘tunnel’ with 6 different¬†textures sleeves for your . As you’d expect, the device has a multitude of stimulators many of which are unseen in current male sex devices and many that are more advanced. Here are the details First off there is a programmable and adjustable soft touch gripper which looks to give the squeezing sensation on the sleeve. Next, there is intelligent stoker which has multiple speeds and adjusts to your position. It also […]