started it all and continues to prove its worth!

Virtual Real Player Sex

When these guys got started just a little over a year ago, I really wasn’t quite sure how long they would last. I mean, aside from them the only thing we had to fap to in VR was a couple of small demos and a small spattering of largely experimental offerings, like the early Panocam 3D “Lapdance” videos. Now don’t get me wrong, those initial Panocam vids were something we had never seen before and were the absolute first 360° Virtual Reality movies with an Adult theme that we had ever set eyes on and they were quite an amazing achievement for their time, but if it wasn’t for’s willingness to tread new ground and test Virtual Reality Pornography’s commercial potential so early on, who knows where we would be? Although I’m sure that by now there would have been other producers like Naughty America and BadoinkVR regardless of whether […] presents – Misha’s New Cam

If you’ve been a follower of this blog at all, you know how much we love and the wonderfully produced videos they provide for VR Porn Lovers everywhere to enjoy. While it’s not often that we report on individual videos themselves (let us know in the comments if you would like us to do it a little more), their newest offering is so damn sexy I just couldn’t resist talking about it. Let me start by saying the starlet of the video, Polish born Misha Cross, is about the sexiest little thing I’ve ever seen. Heralded by some to be the next Sasha Grey, she is one naughty girl and as beautiful as they come. I mean this girl is absolutely, drop dead fuckable in every sense of the word. A perfect pussy with just the right bit of plump (meaning her mons, Misha herself is fairly trim), a delicious rounded […] has added teledildonic support!

It doesn’t get much better than this. As if being able to see all those beautiful models fucking and sucking each other in the Virtual Dimensions wasn’t tantalizing enough, the number one provider of all our Virtual Reality porn needs,, has partnered up with the popular technological sex toy company Lovense and added teledildonic support! For those of you who are new to this site and don’t yet know the word, teledildonics is a somewhat fancy name for sex toys that can interact and be controlled over a distance, frequently using the internet to link-up and move in sync either with each-other (one person, let’s say a Man in this case, masturbates with one toy, another person -his Wife, BF, stranger, etc.- could have their own device which reacts in an appropriate and simultaneous manner; allowing for simulated sex between two people anywhere in the world), or with movement from other […] is still number one!

As many of you know, here at virtual reality Porn movies are a special love of ours. I mean, adult games are great and perhaps seemingly an easier fit for VR, but the ability to watch real  people fuck, suck and fiddle each other is an experience that is tremendous in its capacity to capture our interest and subsequently, our arousal. Previously, the foremost provider of such material was but a fledgling effort treading new territory in uncertain waters, and bore the name of that most prolific of the VR headsets of today which we all know and admire,; but are they still the best and who else has moved in to challenge them? How much has changed since those humble beginnings, and who now holds the reigning title of provider supreme in the ever-growing world of VR Porn? The answer to the latter is, somewhat surprisingly, there really is no competition […]