What can VR Porn do for self esteem

Of all the things that VR Pornography can or cannot do for a person, one of the last things you are likely to think of is that it can help to change your level of self-esteem; possibly for the better. No drugs, hypnotherapy, painful shock-treatment (unless your into that); just an Oculus Rift, a VStrokerĀ (or whatever other teledildonic device you prefer), and your favorite VR porn game. While there are no scientific studies to back that claim up (yet), it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to consider the possibility that gaining confidence towards people in virtual reality will transfer over as a real world skill, at least to a measurableĀ degree. So how does that tie in to virtual reality pornography? Well, with VR Porn you can come face to face with beautiful women (and men) in a way you may have only dreamed of otherwise. Let’s say, […]

How Teledildonics and Virtual Reality Will Change Porn Forever

When Teledildonics came onto the scene in the 80s and although it seemed like a technology that would have caught on in popularity, it failed to reach the attention of the masses. For those that are not familiar Teledildonics they are sex toys that are controlled by computer software and related applications. But now things have started to changed. With new technologies like the Oculus Rift, viewers will be able to not only experience virtual worlds but with the help of teledildonics they will be able to experience actual physical sensations within these virtual worlds. Virtual porn is only still in it’s infancy and we’ve yet to truly gauge the impact the technology will have on the consumption of adult content. Although teledildonics have yet to catch on many different technologies have been developed over the years: Recently Durex designed a “him and her” virtual underwear pack that allows partners […]

Virtual Reality Girls – Soon You Won’t be Able to Tell the Difference

Some of the 3D rendering that is currently being done completely blows me away. Soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. I’ve attached some examples below. Wouldn’t you like to meet one of them in your virtual trip??? This one is absolutely amazing. Here is a gallery of some other 3D babes. What do you guys think? As Oculus Rift becomes more popular more and more screenshots and images are starting to surface. I’ve included more images below for everyone:

Virtual Reality Sex Games, Application and Porn is here!

Wow, once the Oculus Rift was announced and started picking up steam in 2012/2013 it wasn’t going to take much longer for people to start thinking about the applications of this technology to the adult entertainment industry. Oculus Rift and the Sony virtual reality kit are set to drop in 2014 and some companies have already started to develop sex and adult based games around the new technology. How will this change how people view porn and will it mean the end of the internet adult industry as we know it? Only time will time, but it starting to seem evident that this technology will change the porn game in big ways. With virtual reality also comes teledildonics, a technology that links the control of sex toys with computer hardware and applications. Maybe Pearl Jam had it right in their video for Do the Evolution: Everyone is excited to see […]