VR Dildonics and toys 

Will The New Lovense Toys Be a Hit

Lovense the makers of virtual reality sex toys max and nora are taking a crack at reinventing regular sex toys as well. They have some of the most popular vr toys already so do they really need to attack regular sex toys as well as a company. Their answer to that is yes. If you walk into a sex shop anywhere you will basically find the same toy over and over in different packages and prices. Is there really a difference in any of these toys? I am asked this…

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Kiiroo computer to computer VR Dildonics and toys 

The Evolution of Kiiroo

It’s been awhile since the last time we spoke about Toon Timmermans and his forwards-thinking long distance intimacy company, Kiiroo; and it would appear that a lot has changed since our first article covering their service at the beginning of last year. In case you you’ve never heard of Kiiroo before (and can’t be bothered to read the article linked above) they are a rather new company that provides their users with everything they need to be intimate without ever actually touching each-other, even across vast distances. As with other, similar…

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Best Bed Under $1000
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