Positional tracking in VR Porn – The fine art of the Virtual Upskirt

Aside from everything else awesome about the Oculus Rift and our future filled with Oculus Rift pornography, one of the greatest abilities the technology is bringing to the playing field is something never before seen in a consumer-grade HMD and it is sure to be another reason why virtual reality porn will be amazing: Positional Tracking. Oh just think of the possibilities! Not only will we be able to walk and look around in virtual reality smut-filled worlds getting our rocks off in the privacy of our headsets (don’t forget, just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they can’t see you) but with the inclusion of proper positional tracking we should actually be able to look into those previously unseen places that at one point in time were mostly delegated to the frantic scramblings of the average gamer; fretfully working to line things up just right so a look […]

Porn Director 3D adult game

Another game has popped up recently called Porn Director 3D. The name speaks for itself and there only seems to be one demo video from it, which, although a little rough around the edges, sounds like its in its very early stages of development. A few of the screen shots look pretty good (see below), so we’ll keep it on our radar and wait for future developments. The alpha release has 7 sex positions and a male and female character with multiple camera angles include male point of view. This doesn’t appear to have Oculus Rift Development Kit support yet, but it says it should be coming soon. We’ll update you on the timeline as more information about this game is released.  It looks like they are working on more characters, more sex positions and more realistic movements, among other things. Basically the development that you’d expect from a game […]

Infinite Realities- possibly the most realistic virtual sex, the Oculus Rift and technology that will blow you away

Infinite Realities is one of the most dynamic 3D scanning companies that is on another level in the virtual reality world. They specialize in scans- full body, facial and ‘FACS’ (full range emotions shown through facial rigging). Lee Perry-Smith, the Director of Infinite Realities which is based in the UK, is the leading 3D modelling and scanning specialist in the world. Perry-Smith has shown the unprecedented ability to capture the utmost detail of scanned human models. The ability to show true imperfections in the models, everything from a scar, to a mole, to strands of hair which is what really creates a virtual reality scenario that is as close to reality as there currently is out there. The demos show the immaculate detail that has already been created. The ability to experience and view the scans when using the Oculus Rift really gives one of the best views into the […]