How Virtual Reality Porn Can Help

As the world continues to evolve, and technologies continue to get better and better, there are uses for the technology that continue to help people in more ways than ever thought of. With the Oculus Rift for example, most people are seeing the unit as the best way to experience their favorite game in all new ways. Other sides of the Oculus Rift fan zone are seeing as all new ways to experience Virtual Sex and Virtual Porn. Both of these however are very efficient uses of the virtual simulator, but in more ways, they are able to help people experience sexuality in all new ways. Imagine for example the introverted guy who has a hard time meeting women. Hard to imagine reading this right? Now, you realize that most the times, that person when meeting up with someone in the real world might have problems talking with that woman, […]

Our Oculus Rift Has Arrived – My First Impressions

We finally received our Rift yesterday and I was up all night trying out various demos. I must have tried over 20 demos already. Ironically I have yet to get Rift Coaster to actually work on my PC. Seems to crash every time it loads. I was able to demo some other great coaster games that were quite impressive. Here’s a quick video of me unboxing the Rift, pretty much the worst Oculus Rift unboxing video ever, but you should get the idea: Here are some picture of what came in the kit: Like I mentioned above, I tried lots of demos the first night the day I received the rift: Alone in the rift Blue marble Many coaster demos Cobra 3d Heaven Jump VR Kraken Malfunction (couldn’t get it to run properly on my PC, too choppy) Ocean demos Planets demo Skydying Spacewalk 3d girl scan Abandoned house Buddha […]

Ten Virtual Sex Games that Should Be Adapted to the Oculus Rift

With all the virtual sex games currently on the market, there are some that we think would be ideal for a crossover to the Oculus Rift. From animated 3D porn games, to realistic solo girl action, even spin offs of popular computer based RPGs, there is a virtual sex game out there for everyone. Some would take the transfer to a head mounted display better than others, though. A few need some slight improvements, while others are ready to go as they are. Here are our picks for the ten virtual sex games that should be adapted to the Oculus Rift! Nemo’s Whores – A true “fantasy” style 3D sex game, you play the role of Nemo, who gets to fuck the members of his submarine crew. Not only is there a selection of hot animated women to choose from, there’s also a shemale thrown in for an added bonus. […]

Virtual Reality Sex Games, Application and Porn is here!

Wow, once the Oculus Rift was announced and started picking up steam in 2012/2013 it wasn’t going to take much longer for people to start thinking about the applications of this technology to the adult entertainment industry. Oculus Rift and the Sony virtual reality kit are set to drop in 2014 and some companies have already started to develop sex and adult based games around the new technology. How will this change how people view porn and will it mean the end of the internet adult industry as we know it? Only time will time, but it starting to seem evident that this technology will change the porn game in big ways. With virtual reality also comes teledildonics, a technology that links the control of sex toys with computer hardware and applications. Maybe Pearl Jam had it right in their video for Do the Evolution: Everyone is excited to see […]