How Teledildonics and Virtual Reality Will Change Porn Forever

When Teledildonics came onto the scene in the 80s and although it seemed like a technology that would have caught on in popularity, it failed to reach the attention of the masses. For those that are not familiar Teledildonics they are sex toys that are controlled by computer software and related applications. But now things have started to changed. With new technologies like the Oculus Rift, viewers will be able to not only experience virtual worlds but with the help of teledildonics they will be able to experience actual physical sensations within these virtual worlds. Virtual porn is only still in it’s infancy and we’ve yet to truly gauge the impact the technology will have on the consumption of adult content. Although teledildonics have yet to catch on many different technologies have been developed over the years: Recently Durex designed a “him and her” virtual underwear pack that allows partners […]

What are Teledildonics?

Teledildonics are sex toys that are controlled by using computers and specific software. Teledildonics are also know as cyberdildonics. Some predicted that teledildonics would become mainstream, however the technology has yet to fully integrate into mainstream society and adult porn. Some predict with additional 3d and virtual technologies like Oculus Rift, teledildonics will re-surge and become a new trend in online adult entertainment. LovePalz, a company that designs teledildonics has designed a somewhat popular device (according to their website) that has already sold over $10,000 units. Below are some other examples of teledildonics devices including the Durex experiment underwear that allows you to pleasure your partner with an iPhone app virtually: