Top 3 must have sexy toys for men!

Autoblow2 Like blowjobs? Girlfriend not too keen on daily blowjobs? Hey if you’re not a fan of blowjobs than this toy is not for you. You should probably just stop reading as I’m going to talk more about blowjobs and frankly you’re wasting your time by continuing to read about how you can get more blowjobs, even daily blowjobs. AS MANY BLOWJOBS AS YOU DESIRE. ūüėČ Now that I only have the attention of my male counterparts that do enjoy blowjobs, let me tell you, if you haven’t tried the Autoblow2 yet, you don’t like blowjobs! Ok well maybe you do, but perhaps you didn’t know that such a product existed and that some good people out there went above and beyond to create the Autoblow2, the best solo automatic blowjob toy on the market. This sex toy sells itself and is worth WAY more than the price tag. It’s […]

eJaculator….. a male sex toy designed solely for VR porn

Another potentially¬†great male sex toy on deck that recently dropped on indiegogo (click here) ¬†….. the ‘eJaculator’- a wireless, hands-free, vr compatible, male masturbator. Not only this, but it is made primarily for VR porn and sex and it comes with a ‘ninja quiet motor’ (optimal so that it doesn’t sound like you have a blender going in your room/on your cock). The eJaculator is a wireless and blue tooth compatible male sex toy that can be mounted to a desk or table, or used with a leg mount that holds the eJaculator upright while you lay on your back in bed, on the couch or reclining chair. Unlike many before it, rather than plugging into the wall (one of the complaints of other male masturbators)¬†the eJaculator¬†has no cords and has a rechargeable battery. The battery has a 2 to 4 hour life depending on the speed and take 2-3 […]