Virtual Reality 


Ever imagined how it feels to view the action from the protagonist’s point of view? Well, imagine no more. Virtual Reality now allows you to be part of the action. Skybound Entertainment last year shot an 11-part series called ‘Gone.’ The series whose first episode was released in December 2015 is about a mother’s quest to find her lost daughter. The series was produced exclusively for Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Gone was shot using a custom-made camera capable of capturing a 360 point of view. This made it necessary to…

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Virtual Reality Porn 


Virtual Reality has witnessed tremendous leaps in the recent past. The industry has seen numerous innovations which have boosted both user experience and functionality to enviable limits. The VR industry is estimated to be worth $5 billion at the moment and is expected to grow exponentially. It continues to attract new players every day with Apple being one of them. Apple is a consumer technology titan always setting the trend as far as digital lifestyle is concerned. Its products, Mac, iPhone and iPod, have been the have always pushed user…

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VR 3D sex and porn 

5 Reasons Why VR Porn Will Be Huge in 2016

Oculus Rift is set to go retail in 2016 and many others will follow. Virtual Reality apps and games are great, but what many are really looking forward to is some good old VR porn. Here are 5 Reasons Why VR Porn will be huge in 2016: This is the first time Virtual Reality porn will be available One of the main reasons why VR porn will be big in 2016 is that this is really the first time good VR adult content will be available to the masses. No…

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