Virtual Reality: Revolutionizing How We View the World

The Recent announcement by the media giant, CNN, that they will be streaming the US Democratic presidential debate in Virtual reality is evidence that VR is already revolutionizing how we view things world over. The Democratic debate scheduled for October 13, 2015, will be the first ever live news event to stream live in VR. This comes barely a fortnight after Disney led other investors in investing $65 million on Jaunt, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in VR. To say, VR is the next big thing is an understatement. It’s a revolution whose time has come. Understanding Virtual Reality (VR) This turn of events begs the question, “What is virtual reality and why is it sending users and enthusiasts into a frenzy?” Well, let us decipher virtual reality. Understanding virtual reality Virtual reality (VR) is an environment an artificial environment that is 3-Dimensional generated using a computer software and is […]

Bringing Virtual Reality Right to Your iPhone

Virtual reality has attracted numerous attention from small start-ups to blue chips companies like Walt Disney. In the midst of the hysteria, Shot decided to take a different path. The path less traveled. Shot yesterday launched a campaign on the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, about a product that will enable iPhone 6 users to create, share and watch VR using their phone. The focus on iPhone 6 is because it has an outstanding camera and impressive processing power. With the gadget believed to be in its last stages, Shot is ensuring that the device will be able to capture immersive photos and videos. Shot is a device composed of two lenses charged with increasing the field of view of a phone’s camera and an app which allows users to record and share immersive content with unmatched ease. It also has a camera that takes photos simultaneously with the phone’s camera. To […]