Virtual Real Player Sex VR 3D sex and porn started it all and continues to prove its worth!

When these guys got started just a little over a year ago, I really wasn’t quite sure how long they would last. I mean, aside from them the only thing we had to fap to in VR was a couple of small demos and a small spattering of largely experimental offerings, like the early Panocam 3D “Lapdance” videos. Now don’t get me wrong, those initial Panocam vids were something we had never seen before and were the absolute first 360° Virtual Reality movies with an Adult theme that we had ever…

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Girl masturbating a boy VR 3D sex and porn 

Will Porn help push VR into the mainstream?

In a recent interview with, Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey suggests that business analysts predictions towards the hastened success of VR, such as the Digi-Capital claim that in as little as 5 years VR will be a $30 billion enterprise, may be overstated. Now while I am no analyst (and most certainly no Palmer Luckey) I am really quite hopeful (as I am sure all of you reading this blog are as well) that such optimistic forecasting will be, for the most part, spot on; but given the fact…

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VR 3D sex and porn 


Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios president, has revealed that the company has finally changed the name of their virtual reality HMD from Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR. This is because they intend to have the device strongly associated with the PlayStation console overall. According to Yoshida, PlayStation is known as a great entertainment and gaming system. It’s also known to offers enjoyable video content. The company, therefore, prefers a familiar name as opposed to an exotic one. The company believes that this way, the headset will ride in the success…

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5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Teledildonics

Ah, Teledildonics. That somewhat ungainly little word that is spreading through the minds and loins of naughty adults the world over. In case you aren’t yet up to speed, teledildonics (aka: cyberdildonics) are sex toys (dildos, mastubators) that can be controlled remotely, either via transference of data collected from one “toy” and sent to another (as in the case of the Lovepalz devices), or by information embedded in special video and sent to the user. In either case, there is plenty to love about teledildonics, much more than just regular sex…

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Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality: Revolutionizing How We View the World

The Recent announcement by the media giant, CNN, that they will be streaming the US Democratic presidential debate in Virtual reality is evidence that VR is already revolutionizing how we view things world over. The Democratic debate scheduled for October 13, 2015, will be the first ever live news event to stream live in VR. This comes barely a fortnight after Disney led other investors in investing $65 million on Jaunt, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in VR. To say, VR is the next big thing is an understatement. It’s…

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Bringing Virtual Reality Right to Your iPhone

Virtual reality has attracted numerous attention from small start-ups to blue chips companies like Walt Disney. In the midst of the hysteria, Shot decided to take a different path. The path less traveled. Shot yesterday launched a campaign on the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, about a product that will enable iPhone 6 users to create, share and watch VR using their phone. The focus on iPhone 6 is because it has an outstanding camera and impressive processing power. With the gadget believed to be in its last stages, Shot is ensuring…

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