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Veiviev is back with VRGIRLZ & A New LUCID DREAMS II Demo!!

Do you love VR Porn but are tired of the lack of interactivity in VR Porn videos, and unsatisfied by the inability of most current Adult VR demos/programs to cross the uncanny valley and give you that realism you oh-so desire? A year since their last release with the Lucid Dreams demo, those masters of ultra-high quality 3d scanned nude models, Veiviev, have finally answered our hungry (and horny) cries for a little taste of something more; and it has met and exceeded our expectations for quality with a delicious bit of desirability in…

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VirtualReal Porn Just Keeps Getting Better

“VirtualReal” may seem like any oxymoron, but the VirtualReal Porn site is about as real as you can get in the world of 3D gaming and porn. If you are looking for an ‘out of body’ experience, this site has just what you need. Try it by yourself, with a partner, or with friends you meet online. You can share your innermost fantasies and play them out exactly as you wish. With hundreds of characters and videos to choose from, you can satiate all of your sexual desires. Videos Not…

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Want a Blow Job any Time?

Over the past year or so, a few male sex toys have come out that have got us pretty excited. Currently some, like the fleshlight/ v-stroker combo allow for more of a virtual sex experience (and are also compatible with various games such as 3DXChat) and there are also toys that are more robotic without perhaps the current capacity for as interactive an experience. Now, it always seems like its mandatory to start posts like this with a disclosure that yes, nothing may be as good as the real thing…

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The multiverse is growing and VR is turning the world on its head! So is long-distance sex a thing yet?

Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Durovis Dive, HTC Vive, HOMIDO VR. I think it’s a fair bet that VR is not only here to stay, but the new VR ecosystem is one of the fastest growing technological innovations we have seen since phones went mobile. Less than 2 years since the initial excitement surrounding a small group of people first announced their fledgling kickstarted company was ready to deliver the first taste of good and affordable VR to enthusiastic developers the world over, and now here we are with seemingly everybody jumping on…

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