Veiviev teaser video and VR porn

Well, we just got WOWED again. I know this will continue to happen as the VR world continues to take off and grow at this rapid pace… but here it is VEIVIEV– the latest developers to release a video, similar to the Infinite Realities work by the looks of it, but only more sexual, more graphic, “classy- moving slightly beyond softcore”, if I can put it that way. It’s one video but it’s pretty awesome, if you asked me. I can’t wait to hear more about these guys and there project, but in the mean time, the little information that they have released is enough to keep anyone excited. Here’s how they explain who they are and what they do: “We are at the Cutting Edge of digital and analogue human replication. Our goal is to create more Enjoyable and Pleasurable artificial Liaisons”  Now that is music to my ears! More enjoyable and pleasurable artificial liaisons? […]

Kanojo Toys, Virtual sex and the mainstream future of male masturbators

The Oculus Rift’s compatibility with adult gaming, porn and virtual sex will no doubt change sex toys forever. The Japanese have created some incredible toys and it seems like every few days I come across something that I haven’t seen before or that makes me think “wow this is amazing!”…… and then I think ” WAIT, this would be even more amazing with the Oculus!” Before the Oculus Rift style virtual sex, I didn’t really get overly excited for most sex toys for my personal sessions. There were e a few like the Fleshlight that are staples and must haves, no matter if you jerk off once a week or 5 times a day. For me the sex toy needed to be amazing and have a certain look or aesthetic to it….. But most of the sex toys out there, even if automated or robotic, just looked too fake or […]