Who is going to fill the VR Porn big-boots now?

It’s been a great year so far for VR, with literally many hundreds of Rift ready demos available (thousands?), a small handful of VR mobility solutions seeing their humble beginnings, and a brand new shiny Rift model in the form of the nice and crisp looking Crystal Cove. However as great as that is, all of us would be Rift surfers searching for the wonderful primum mobile of VR porn are unfortunately still dealing with some somewhat scantily laid pickings. With newcomer VR porn makers rising up in the scene like OculusRealPorn.com I can hardly accuse the fresh genre of being completely devoid in it’s productions to date, but where are the big projects that should be there to fill the void that Sinful Robot and Wicked Paradise have left? One promising hopeful that I had entirely forgotten up until today (shame on me, because it looks amazing) could turn out […]

Site is currently down, is this the end for Wicked Paradise?

Noticed that the Wicked Paradise site is down and may have been down for some time. We’ve been following the companies progress since it started promoting it’s upcoming Oculus Rift sex game. In fact, it has been billed as the first real first person Oculus Rift virtual reality porn experience. The rumor was that the developers from Sinful Robot started up a new project as Wicked Paradise to fulfill the vision of the project. I really hope this project is not dead. Over the last few months I’ve tried to reach out to the company via Twitter to ask for an update, but have yet to get back a response. Hopefully the project is still a go and they’re working hard developing the game. Last tweet from the company was: #Oculusrift #wickedparadise we are hiring! Animators, Environment & Character Artists, 3D coders and Concept Artists. http://t.co/Ji4tJk2UxT — Wicked Paradise (@WickedParadise) […]

How Will the Oculus Rift and VR Change the Porn Industry

It’s really a good question actually. How will the Oculus Rift (once it’s launched in 2014) change the porn industry and specifically internet porn. The porn industry changed significantly once the internet became available and bandwidth increased to a point that allowed users to download and stream videos at appropriate speeds. Gone were the days of visiting your local VHS store or ordering tapes through the mail. Now you can get free porn at the click of a mouse and it’s hard for young men to remember a time when porn wasn’t so readily available (I still remember finding Hustler magazines at my uncles house and feeling like I hit the jackpot). But, it seems like we have a new change just around the corner that will not only change gaming but internet porn and the adult industry forever. Soon you’ll be able to visit virtual worlds, create your own […]