Virtual Reality Porn is Marching Forwards!

I’ve had a bit of a strange go at things this year for me so far, kind of a mixed bag. It all started off rather well, but then I lost my Wife of 10 years (she left me for another, much younger man), encountered some serious financial struggles as a result, gained some friends, lost some friends, and learned a whole lot about myself in the process (also, my beautiful new 1440p monitor fried; and in an unrelated bad-light-switch-wiring incident, my house and all of my precious VR gear almost burned down). Every cloud has it’s silver lining though, and as a testament to the power of technology, throughout all the chaos and hubbub of my somewhat personal (until I posted it on this blog) experience, one of the things that has been keeping me going has been the impossible-not-to-notice fact that it has been one hell of a […]

Veiviev is back with VRGIRLZ & A New LUCID DREAMS II Demo!!

Do you love VR Porn but are tired of the lack of interactivity in VR Porn videos, and unsatisfied by the inability of most current Adult VR demos/programs to cross the uncanny valley and give you that realism you oh-so desire? A year since their last release with the Lucid Dreams demo, those masters of ultra-high quality 3d scanned nude models, Veiviev, have finally answered our hungry (and horny) cries for a little taste of something more; and it has met and exceeded our expectations for quality with a delicious bit of desirability in the very tight, very classy (read that in Goldmembers voice) form of VRGIRLZ and their newest version of their demo, Lucid Dreams II. If you have yet to try any of Veiviev’s offerings to date and aren’t quite sure who they are or what the hell we are talking about, a brief introduction is in order. Using models and technology from […]