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Red Light Center Is Your Online Getaway For 4 Play

If you spend enough time on the internet you eventually start to live on the internet. Not so far in the distant past there was no internet and people lived their lives outside and interacted face to face with people. All of that has passed and the new generation lives out their world in virtual places. Virtual communities and social sites have become such a big part of our society that every website you visit you have the option to sign in with your facebook account. Most people like to…

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Virtual Reality Porn 

Janice Griffith – Your Dreamgirl Roommate

The people over at the Life Selector website continue to make your love for porn grow everyday. They constantly bring you piping hot content every week and the way you play the game makes you fall in love even more. Instead of just watching porn you control it. You choose what comes up next. Want a handjob, want to do it from the back. You choose, you seem you are the judge, jury and executioner. Make porn yours and keep it for yourself. We all have our fetishes and what…

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How to watch VR porn on HTC Vive

What is HTC Vive device? We will introduce you to the perfect virtual reality headset for 360 VR porn videos: the VR Porn HTC Vive device. Created by HTC in collaboration with Valve, the HTC Vive provides you with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels, which means that you get to watch a bigger image compared to other devices. With its 37 sensors (only on the headset, in total there are 70) and its two wireless infrared cameras, HTC Vive glasses track all your movements. It is a revolution!…

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VR Dildonics and toys 

Making a little Friction with Frixion.me

A couple of weeks ago we reported on Kiiroo, a rather ambitious venture which hopes to allow people to hook up online ala social platform/dating website and have virtual sex via teledildonics, and eventually with a little luck, the Oculus Rift. Although these particular waters are somewhat fish-free at the moment, there is at least one more platform that bears mentioning that has itself gearing up for a hot and heavy future full of telemetric sex: ¬†Frixion.me With claims that their proprietary Telemetry Translation API will allow real-time bidirectional force…

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