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Valve Now Opening To Uncensored Porn Game For Steam

Valve’s Steam store is getting its first “100% uncensored” porn game with the approval of Dharker Studios’ Negligee: Love Stories. Its developer tweeted that the title featuring “sexual interactions and nudity” got the “thumbs up” and will be available to download this Friday. After outright blocking erotic visual novels like Negligee from Steam in July — prompting sensationalized cries of censorship from devs — Valve again updated its work-in-progress content policy to include filters to remove games with Mature Content, or those tagged Adults Only, from search. Fast forward a few days and a full-on porn title…

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Virtual Reality 

HTC Vive is going to blow you….. Away.

As I’m sure most of you have heard by now, HTC has recently announced their entry into the VR world with a headset that was developed in collaboration with Valve, called the Vive. The developer edition will be out later this spring and will only be available to select devs, but these guys are moving quick and have set the consumer edition as being available to purchase later this year. The company demoed the device initially at the 2015 GDC and attendees who had a chance to test the technology seemed more than a little impressed;…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn 

How to watch Regular Porn on your Oculus Rift?

We all know how to watch 3d porn from OculusRealPorn.com, and get our rocks off checking out sexy thongs in games like 3DXChat (at least you should, if you’ve been paying any attention to our posts), but have you ever wondered how to watch Regular Porn on your Oculus Rift? Well you’re (somewhat unsurprisingly) not alone; this happens to be a question we have been asked by many people who simply want to watch regular porn from sites like Pornhub.com and Xhamster.com on their Rifts, and one that isn’t without…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn VR Dildonics and toys 

VR Porn – a girls perspective

So we have all been hearing plenty about this VR Porn thing lately, but most of it is from the perspective of males and it would seem there isn’t a guy on the planet who would disagree that the idea is appealing; but what about us girls and how do we think about all of it? I think the reality is we get left out alot when it comes to the adult industry, but a large part of this is because of the way we voice ourselves (or don’t) in regards…

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