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The Ethics of Robot Sex – A Prudish Endeavor

As if things in the world of future sex weren’t already strange enough, a Japanese mobile and robotics company, SoftBank, has felt it necessary to warn potential buyers of its highly advanced social robot “Pepper” against having sex or engaging in “indecent behavior” with the robot; to the degree where engaging in lascivious acts with the bot could result in disciplinary measures being taken against the offending party. Although how the company would even know is somewhat of a mystery (and how the company thinks sex with a robot clearly…

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Looking for Love – In Artificial places

Cherry 2000.   While most of you are probably thinking that sounds like a missed marketing opportunity for the worlds biggest cola company a decade or so ago, and it might be a tad bit before some of your time, this sexy post-apocalyptic romp through the wastelands of the year 2017 was largely responsible for fueling the fantasies of many would be cyber-sexual adventurers for generations to come; and while some of you will no doubt think this 80’s b-movie itself might not be so great (I loved it, but…

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